Monday, May 4, 2015

On a City of Greensboro Whistleblower Employee Who Can't

At 11:58am on April 28, 2015, George Hartzman called the City of Greensboro Executive Offices concerning an employee who wants to file an anonymous, confidential complaint concerning the high costs associated with the City's 457 Retirement Plan managed by ICMA-RC.

Mr. Hartzman was told there isn't a confidential way to file a complaint.

Hartzman was transferred to the City's Legal Department, where he was told any complaints concerning the retirement plan would have to be filed with either Human Resources Director Connie Hammond or Assistant City Manager Mary Vigue, who are directly responsible for the relatively high expense and low performing 457 retirement plan the whistleblower would like to complain about.

A voice-mail message detailing the situation was left for City Attorney Thomas Caruthers on the same call which has not been returned.

City of Greensboro employees have no outlet to anonymously or confidentially report improprieties at the City, leaving corruption etc... in place, as many of those who want to report wrongdoing fear retaliation, as their identities would be compromised.

Zack Matheny misled City of Greensboro employees and Greensboro taxpayers on the plan at a recent City Council Meeting.

Both City of Greensboro Manager Jim Westmorland, Assistant Manager Mary Vigue and Human Resources Director Connie Hammond violated the City's Code of Ethics and misled the public and their own employees concerning the retirement plan.

Hartzman was told by Joe Killian in front of Susan Ladd there was to be a story on the 457 plan, and their wasn't, as Warren Buffett profits from overcharging retirement plan participants
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