Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Triad Business Journal; "A month later, Greensboro police are nowhere on Powell investigation"

powell, david

"An official investigation of the Piedmont Triad Partnership's former CEO David Powell and allegations of "financial irregularities" has not yet begun, as the Greensboro Police Department awaits documents from the organization.

An organization led by Jim Melvin, 
who may be in the process 
of taking Randolph County for about $10 million, 
of which about a couple hundred grand
falls into Sam Simpson's pocket.

Yes, the same Sam Simpson 
who is lobbying for Zack Matheny with Mike Barber 
to be the next Greensboro taxpayer funded DGI CEO, 
after Zack sacked Jason Cannon 
and betrayed Cindy Hayworth
as an acting Councilman, 
in violation of his oath of office, the City charter
and the City's Conflict of Interest Policy,
not that Mayor Nancy Vaughn or former Mayor Yvonne Johnson
or Tony Wilkins, or Marikay Abuzuaiter, or Sharon Hightower
or Jamal Fox, or Nancy Hoffmann
give a shit,
as they have done nothing for months
on a clear ethical breach by some of their own.

The PTP released a prepared statement a month ago this week saying it had learned of the alleged irregularities following Powell's resignation earlier this year. The organization began conducting its own assessment into the matter and has provided information from that audit to Greensboro police.

No charges have been filed against Powell.

...police have not yet launched an investigation and are awaiting further information from PTP.

"...we have not received all of the documents yet needed for a full investigation," said Susan C. Danielsen, public information officer for the police department.

"We have looked at the documents provided, but there is not enough material to begin investigative work."

...PTP is a nonprofit organization that received both private and public funding during Powell's tenure — including $480,000 in taxpayer money in 2013...

 Powell's 2013 compensation was $326,300...

Powell stepped down as the head of PTP in January after nearly five years on the job."

Kristin Zachary
Reporter-Triad Business Journal
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