Sunday, May 10, 2015

Randolph County Megasite Con Update

"Randolph County to add more land to megasite to attract auto manufacturer

Randolph County is taking steps to buy a second batch of properties in the proposed Greensboro-Randolph Megasite that regional leaders hope will attract an automobile manufacturer.

As Mike Barber is a direct beneficiary of Bryan Foundation money
via First Tee of the Triad,
through which he pads his income along with Greensboro taxpayer support 
Mike Barber had a conflict of interest
and should not have voted on Jim Melvin's Megasite project.

...The county commissioners will hold a public hearing on June 1 to consider their second purchase, which will likely be similar to the earlier deal, according to Darrell Frye, board chairman.

No mention by the News and Record
of a certified ready to go site about 10 miles away 
from the Randolph site
that would cost Greensboro taxpayers nothing.

...The county is working with the nonprofit Greensboro-Randolph Megasite Foundation, which owns or has options to purchase more than 1,300 acres in what officials hope will be part of an 1,800-acre site.

Greensboro City Manager Jim Westmoreland
on Nancy Vaughan's Megasite talking points

Randolph County has agreed to spend up to $10 million to buy a portion of the site to show it is serious about owning a stake in the project, Frye said.

...The project’s scope has always been planned for multiple owners, not just Randolph.

Who are the potential multiple owners?

Public utilities and other groups will likely buy portions of the site.

What other "groups"?

If the Randolph commissioners approve a purchase on June 1, they would probably have 90 days or more to raise the money and complete the transactions as they did for the most recent purchase, Frye explained.

Richard M. Barron

Why would John Hammer write "Mayor Nancy Vaughan had said 
that Melvin didn’t have any personal investment in the area
that it was all Bryan Foundation money.",
if the News & Record's Richard Barron
reported the opposite?

Melvin said funding, for now, 
is coming by way of the Bryan Foundation and private monies.

Richard Barron

What does "private monies" mean?

Jim Melvin led a Piedmont Triad Partnership committee, 
who's former CEO is under investigation 
for financial irregularities
which previously managed efforts to secure land for the site
and was working to raise funds for additional land acquisitions.

Said former PTP CEO
was going to go into the development business with Sam Simpson
the broker for the Randolph properties
and perhaps properties along the route 
the water and sewer will take down through Guilford County.

"May 1, 2015; Commissioners to hear megasite updates

Randolph County commissioners will get an update on land purchases for the proposed industrial megasite near Liberty during Monday’s regular meeting.

The board has also been asked to appoint a member to the newly formed Greensboro-Randolph Megasite Foundation board.

"Sam" Simpson Commercial

1401 Sunset Drive, Suite B Greensboro, NC 27408
Mayor - Nancy Vaughan

902 Sunset Dr., Greensboro, NC 27408

...The request was made by Jim Melvin, Bryan Foundation president, the organization that has helped to fund the proposed industrial megasite project from Greensboro.

Is Robert E. Long, Jr. involved,
as he owns Greensboro's Granville Capital, Inc.,
and serves on the national First Tee Board of Directors
along with the Wyndam's Mark Brazil,
who may also be involved
in angling to get $22.5 million from the City of Greensboro
for water and sewer down 421, which they can profit from 
which Mike Barber, who's in Jim Melvin's pocket
already voted for an RFP for?

The foundation was formed Feb. 11.

The board will consist of five members — three appointed by the Bryan Foundation, one appointed by the Greensboro City Council and one appointed by the Randolph County commissioners.

Who would be stupid or corrupted enough
to give Jim Melvin's Bryan Foundation 
a majority of the votes on a board set up by Melvin 
to take from Greensboro and Randolph County taxpayers?

The foundation’s purpose is to continue assembling a tract of land in Randolph County, through the acquisition of properties by entering into options and contracts to purchase properties, to attract advanced manufacturers to a megasite of 1,300 acres or more.

Compare Sam Simpson 
and Zack Matheny's current exploits 

According to the foundation bylaws, the foundation will also promote the construction of water-sewer lines to the project; seek funding from a variety of sources to buy land; and develop the property and market it.

No mention of Triad First Capital.

has disappeared; Jim Melvin, Sam Simpson, David Powell etc...

...The Bryan Foundation bylaws allow it to only provide funding to nonprofit organizations. The creation of the megasite foundation will allow the Bryan Foundation to continue providing land acquisition funding for this project.

It appears that the mayor of Greensboro
misled Greensboro's City Council
as to who was funding the land purchases
before the vote on utilities for the site.

It appears that Greensboro's City Council 
was not in possession of who's "private monies" 
are involved in the Randolph project before the vote.

The creation of the foundation does not impact properties purchased by Randolph County, according to officials. The 12 parcels consisting of approximately 255.13 acres will remain owned by and under the control of Randolph County.

During Monday’s meeting, County Attorney Ben Morgan is also expected to give an update on the megasite land purchases.

Randolph County now owns 255.13 of about 1,350 acres
with more that needs purchased.

Sam Simpson made bank last time.

If 255 acres is worth about $4.2 million, 
there are another 1,095 acres PTP controls.

255 is about 19% of 1,350.

If the 255 acres was about $4.2 million,
each acre went for about $16,471 a piece.

1,095 x $16,471 = $18,035,745 more
for what the PTP currently controls
and more for what isn't under contract.

Commissioners schedule three public hearings

The hearings will be held on Monday, June 1.

...discussion of the purchase of additional property for the megasite public hearing is scheduled to begin at 7 p.m.
Ex-PTP CEO David Powell 
cooperating with economic group on financial questions
without any investigation by Randolph County executives
or elected officials

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WTF Jim Melvin, Jon Bell, Mark Brazil, Kevin Carter, Pat Danahey, Don Flow, Kelly King, Nido Qubein, Tim Rice, Kelly Stanhope and Robert Long?

"Melvin said [Megasite] funding, for now, is coming by way of the Bryan Foundation and private monies."

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