Friday, April 3, 2015

Inappropriate Lobbying; "Making Connections Around The Table with Ed Kitchen & Jim Westmoreland"

"Action Greensboro
Monday, March 23, 2015 from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM (EDT)
Greensboro, NC

Event Details

Join the synerG Young Professionals for a night of Making Connections Around the Table with Ed Kitchen, VP of the Joseph M. Bryan Foundation and Jim Westmoreland, City Manager of Greensboro. These strong leaders in our community will discuss their role in economic development, moving Greensboro forward, our form of government, and other successes and challenges they have faced.

Tickets are $20 for Young Professionals and $35 for the General public and include a three course plated dinner and one free drink.

Making Connections Around the Table events are sponsored by the Wyndham Championship.

Ed Kitchen currently serves as VP and COO of the Joseph M. Bryan Foundation, and Chairman of the Action Greensboro Operating Group...

Jim Westmoreland serves as the City Manager of Greensboro..."
Ed Kitchen is lobbying along with Jim Melvin for the City of Greensboro to borrow and spend $22.5 million on water and sewer down 421 to a Megasite 10 miles away from a Megasite already equipped with water and sewer that is already certified.

The Bryan Foundation is using its local prowess to convince City officials to go along with their scheme, which will enrich Ed Kitchen and Jim Melvin's cronies on the deal.

As the Bryan Foundation funds both the Wyndham Championship and Action Greensboro, this looks like it was a big Ass Kiss for Westmoreland, to keep him working to fleece Greensboro's taxpayers for the benefit of private interests associated with the Megasite and development along the water lines everyone in Greensboro would have to pay for, which is outside the City limits.

If this is the case with Westmoreland, what meetings etc... have occurred with City Council Members?
Greensboro City Manager colluding with Sam Simpson and Bonnie Renfro on Nancy Vaughan's Megasite talking points

John Hammer; "Mayor Nancy Vaughan had said that Melvin didn't have any personal investment in the area that it was all Bryan Foundation money."

Conflict of Interest Watch; "Next stage of megasite effort will be 'a different conversation'

Greensboro-Liberty Megasite Ripoff; Former Mayor Robbie Perkins told Randolph County Greensboro was in

Compare Sam Simpson and Zack Matheny's current exploits to; 12/31/13; "Robbie Perkin's 9,000 acres, Project Haystack, "Incentives" and the Rhino Times"

Minutes from the "Public Hearing and Consideration of Purchase of Real Estate in Conjunction with the proposed Greensboro-Liberty Mega Site"

Zack Matheny and Mike Barber need to recuse themselves from the Megasite Water and Sewer

Updated; Who would be stupid enough to spend $22.5 million to get water and sewer to a Megasite, about 10 miles away from another that already has it?