Monday, August 3, 2015

Ginsburg; "So far, there will be no Greensboro City Council primary" and Links

"So few candidates have filed to run for Greensboro City Council so far that there may not even be a primary election in October.

If you are for reducing corruption, don't run, 
as the City is in bed with those who control the purse-strings, 
which includes the News and Record and the Rhino Times.

...none of the races ...have drawn enough candidates to merit a primary.

If you are for term limits, don't run, 
as those who control City Council 
want to keep the same consistent, purchased votes over time.

The filing period ends this Friday at noon.

If you are remotely conservative 
and don't spend campaign cash on Rhino ads, 
John Hammer will most likely not endorse you.

In order for there to be a primary, the number of candidates running for a given seat must exceed double the number of seats.

If you disagree with anything Susan Ladd has written, don't run,
because she'll carve you up just like the Rhino's John Hammer.

If another [mayoral] contender joins the race, it will appear on the primary ballot.

If you don't agree 
with what the News and Record's Allen Johnson 
and Doug Clark think you should think, don't run, 
because they will likely endorse one of the chosen ones, 
as they almost always have.

The same is true for the district races — four of the five currently have two candidates, while the fifth only has one.

If you don't get Jim Melvin's blessing to run, don't run, 
as he has great control over who wins,
like how Zack Matheny got the DGI job.

With three at-large seats, it would take seven or more candidates to require a primary.

If you don't get Marty Kotis' blessing to run, don't run, 
as he owns most of Council, 
a billboard and many commercial properties all over town. 

If you can't get your signs in his yards, 
and fundraisers where he and his friends bundle campaign contributions, 
you don't have much of a chance.

...even if people are satisfied with the incumbents, all of whom are running for reelection, is this actually good for democracy?

If you don't get Roy Carroll's blessing to run, don't run,
as he owns the Rhino Times and most of the current Council, 
and will let John Hammer take you out 
without ever meeting/interviewing you.

It seems that state Sen. Trudy Wade’s redistricting plan ...that would’ve shaken up council may lead to the exact opposite: a breezy walk in the park for most or all of the city council incumbents.

Don't tell any reporters if any current council members
are guilty of any kind of corruption 
which was not covered in the press.  

The reporters will likely take you to task 
for pointing out their complicity.

The game is rigged for challenges 
between the pre-chosen pawns of folks like these. 

If you're not one of the chosen pawns, 
chances are you won't win.

This is Greensboro, where the papers don't report the truth
and an aristocracy rules over the passive.

If you speak up honestly, who probably won't win, 
as some truth 
will contradict with what the electorate has been told to believe.
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