Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Roch Smith Jr. peddles Greensboro's current City Council and News and Record's misleading redistricting propaganda

Yes, as we said in an editorial a couple of weeks ago, 
four districts are likely to elect black candidates.

Doug Clark's misleading answer in the comments on a story thread,
as the News and Record never made the assertion in a news story
or opinion piece

"The motive behind Trudy Wade's plan
is to diminish the political influence, real or perceived,
of Greensboro's minorities on city council elections."

Roch Smith Jr.
A comment left at Greensboro News and Record's Editorial Board writer Doug Clark's story on redistricting;

Is it true that minorities have been fighting to get rid of at-large positions Doug, because it leaves the majority of whites to control local governments?

Is it true that four of the newly drawn district favor black candidates?

Why did the Grand Prairie City Council agree to redraw its boundaries to settle a lawsuit alleging violations of the Voting Rights Act of 1965?

An earlier lawsuit, which Rodriguez filed against the Grand Prairie school district, led the district to replace its at-large seats with single-member district seats.

The federal lawsuit contended that the city’s electoral system was set up in “favor of self-interest and maintaining the existing power structure.” All council members are non-Hispanic whites, although the city population is 43 percent Hispanic.
Have at-large seats historically reduced minority representation Doug?
Why would a "suit filed by the ACLU and Missouri NAACP contends that the electoral systems being used in Ferguson also contribute to the African-American community’s lack of effective political power by “locking African-Americans out of the political process” through use of at-large elections"?

Why is "the typical remedy in these suits is the creation of single-member districts"?
Why did "Fayette County, Georgia" go to a "district system rather than at-large voting" after "a lawsuit filed against the county by the NAACP more than three years ago claiming that the at-large voting system violated the Voting Rights Act because it prevented minorities from being elected to the school board and county commission"?

Why did "U.S. District Judge Timothy Batten agree, ruling in early 2014 that the at-large system must be replaced with five voting districts"?
Do you know what you're fighting for Doug?
Top two at large vote recipients by the new Districts,
with the candidate who won the most votes in 2011
when Robbie Perkins won over Bill Knight
over the White Street Landfill issue.

Winners listed first and second,
which backs up the demographic numbers from the new districts
which suggests Blacks will control four City Council seats;

1.  Johnson and Abuzuaiter
2.  Johnson and Abuzuaiter
4.  Johnson and Abuzuaiter
6.  Johnson and Abuzuaiter

5.  Johnson and Chris Lawyer
3.  Nancy Vaughan and Johnson
7.  Chris Lawyer and Danny Thompson
8.  Chris Lawyer and Nancy Vaughan
2011 race between Bill Knight and Robbie Perkins
by the new Districts,
listing the candidate who won each district
which also backs up the demographic numbers
suggesting blacks should control
four of the new districts;

1.  Perkins 3,388 to 606 for Bill Knight
2.  Perkins 2,791 to 812 for Bill
4.  Perkins 3,214 to 421
6.  Perkins 1,752 to 1,115 for Knight

3.  Perkins 3,201 to 3,074
5.  Knight 2,349 to 1,711 for Perkins
7.  Knight 3,401 to 2,147 for Perkins
8.  Knight 4,329 to 2,884 for Perkins
From the Board of Elections;

DISTRICT 1 most probable winner; A Black Democrat

Total Voters; 25,852

Dem; 18,575

Rep; 1,648

Una; 5,552

Black; 19,649

White; 4133
DISTRICT 2 most probable winner; A Black Democrat

Total Voters; 20,718

Dem; 14,189

Rep; 2162

Una; 4,299

Black; 14,297

White; 4,985
DISTRICT 4 most probable winner; A Black Democrat

Total Voters; 24,166

Dem; 18,057

Rep; 1,298

Una; 4,710

Black; 18,773

White; 3,539
DISTRICT 6 most probable winner; A Black Democrat

Total Voters; 20,545

Dem; 12,262

Rep; 2,803

Una; 5,374

Black; 10,280

White; 7,784
George Hartzman last night on Redistricting and the News and Record's misleading Greensboro's African American community

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