Wednesday, September 23, 2015

So Who Was Jamal Fox Sleeping With?

A few days ago I posted a previously hidden Greensboro Police Report in my article, Councilman Jamal Fox's Domestic Violence Incident.

The police report indicated that Jamal Fox was the victim of domestic violence but did not list a perpetrator. Have you ever heard of a domestic violence incident where the victim didn't know who attacked him or her? Me neither. From Wikipedia:

"Domestic violence (also domestic abuse, spousal abuse, intimate partner violence, battering or family violence) is a pattern of behavior which involves violence or other abuse by one person against another in a domestic setting, such as in marriage or cohabitation. Intimate partner violence is violence by a spouse or partner in an intimate relationship against the other spouse or partner. Domestic violence can take place in heterosexual or same-sex relationships, and sometimes also involves violence against the children in the family. Domestic violence can take a number of forms including physical, verbal, emotional, economic and sexual abuse, which can range from subtle, coercive forms to marital rape and to violent physical abuse that results in disfigurement or death. Domestic murders include honor killings and dowry deaths."

Nothing in there about strangers breaking into your home just as there was nothing in the Police Report about any break-in or forced entry.

Jamal had to know who his attacker was. So why was the name kept hidden, why are Greensboro Police participating in a cover-up and what other crimes are GPD officers covering-up on behalf of Councilman Fox and his friends?

You see, when you leave lines blank people are left to form their own opinions and form them they will.

Ben Holder's version of the story would leave one to believe that the other person was Shalonda Matthews and considering Ms Matthews' attempted murder of Mr Terox Topping one might easily assume so but let's give that a second thought, shall we?

According to Ben Holder, Ms Matthews was involved in other incidents and her name wasn't kept secret. She isn't rich. She lives in my very northeast Greensboro neighborhood. She's never held elected office and in the grand scheme of things is like most of us-- a nobody. Not the kind of person who wields enough power to get police officers to hide her identity.

So who could it be? I can't say for certain but we can make some guesses based on some of the things that took place in Jamal's life.

Ben Holder has long asserted that Jamal Fox was hired by the City of Greensboro via an unfair hiring practice involving then city manager Rashad Young. That could be true but let's assume for just a moment that it wasn't Rashad Young who arranged to hire Jamal Fox but was in-fact then Assistant City Manager Denise Turner Roth. After all, Jamal is known for spending time with older women and let's face it, like it or not Denise is hot.

Again, there's no proof but there is circumstantial evidence.

If you'll look at the 911 Call Log For Jamal's Address on Feb 2, 2014 you'll notice it mentions a female caller whose cell phone has a Kernersville address. 

Who else lived in Kernersville at that time? None other than Ms Denise N Turner. Still not sure? According to former News & Record writer Jeri Rowe Denise's nickname is Neecee.

Nope, still not proof enough. It could still be debunked. But will it?

But one has to wonder what the fight was about? Jamal went to college and got his degree in political science but NC A&T University refuses to hire him back. It might be that Jim Kee's 2013 campaign tactics cost Jim the District 2 seat but there must be something to Jim's claims if 2 years later A&T still won't employ Jamal Fox to do what Jamal Fox was trained to do.

The only other options for Jamal are to continue working at part time at Belks selling retail or find himself a quick ride to the top. According to Allen Johnson of the Greensboro News & Record, Denise Turner Roth left Greensboro to take her job with the Obama Administration the day after Jamal's 911 call.

Coincidence? Maybe. I can't prove anything that isn't on the linked police reports.

Or was Jamal angry because he had tried and failed to screw his way to the top? Because Denise was going to Washington without him? Few men ever jigalo their way to the top, was that what Jamal was trying to do?

Yes, before my critics say it, I have stooped to a new low but it was not I who covered-up a police investigation nor did I leave blank the name of the perpetrator on the police report. I am but a taxpayer and citizen yearning to know the truth. Had Jamal Fox, Police Captain James Hinson and others with the City of Greensboro been doing as they should have been doing in the first place none of this would have ever taken place. 

By the way, sometimes when lots of people are reading the links to Google Docs show blank pages for some readers. Come back and try again at another time. Thank you.