Monday, September 14, 2015

The Yvonne And Walter Johnson Saga: Part 13

When we began The Yvonne And Walter Johnson Saga in May of 2014 with the original 12 part series we told the story of how Greensboro Attorney Walter Johnson ripped off dozens of clients and ruined the lives of entire families with the help of local judges, the NC Bar, his wife Greensboro City Councilwoman Yvonne Johnson and daughter, Attorney Lisa Johnson-Tomkins who is now Guilford County Clerk of Court. Today we bring the series back with dozens of pages of court records.

Abstract Of Judgement Not much to see there except proof that the court did rule.

Properties Ordered Sold 500 Logan St and 1904 Ryan St

Motion For Withdrawal As Council For some reason Walter Johnson's attorney wants out. And note that Yvonne J Johnson, WGJ Properties Inc. and Patricia Johnson Trice are also noted as being plaintiffs.

And on the 3rd page of that same document attorney W B Trevorrow notes that he has notified the City of Greensboro and all other parties involved as required by law. Why would the City of Greensboro be involved in Walter Johnson's business affairs?

Could it be because Walter's clients were referred to him by a non profit founded by Councilwoman Yvonne Johnson and funded by the City of Greensboro?

Well the answer to that question might be indicated in the fact that this next document is titled:

United States of America v. Walter t Johnson, Yvonne J Johnson, WGJ Properties Inc., Patricia Johnson Trice, .... City Of Greensboro... State of North Carolina... Defendants. 

Again, how did the City of Greensboro and the State of North Carolina get wrapped up in Walter T Johnson's personal affairs?

And why was none of this ever reported by Greensboro's main stream media?

Look for this series to continue in The Yvonne And Walter Johnson Saga: Part 14 as we've got dozens more pages of court documents to present to our readers.

And the next time you hear Yvonne Johnson say, "You can't help others if you can't take care of yourself." remind her that George Washington Carver gave away everything he owned and Nicola Tesla the man who made it possible for us to have electricity in our homes, died penniless.