Tuesday, September 15, 2015

The Yvonne And Walter Johnson Saga: Part 14

The Yvonne And Walter Johnson Saga continues this morning with more documents from Walter Johnnson's trial.

In The Yvonne And Walter Johnson Saga: Part 13 I made known the never before made public fact that the City of Greensboro and State of North Carolina were named as co-defendants along with Walter Johnson, Greensboro City Councilwoman Yvonne Johnson and others.

In this Consent Order charges were dismissed against the City of Greensboro, Yvonne Johnson, WGJ Properties and Patricia Johnson Trice with the following stipulations:

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Of course the question then becomes: Was the consent order complied with, was the City of Greensboro dragged back into the fray and who paid the $584,789.46 plus interest now that Walter Johnson was no longer allowed to practice law, lost his businesses and had no apparent means?


And why were charges against the State of North Carolina not also dismissed?

And what about the dozens of clients Walter Johnson ripped off? How did he come to get those clients in the first place? Were they referred to him by the City of Greensboro funded non profit One Step Further founded by and run by Yvonne Johnson? Is that why the Federal Government considered the City of Greensboro a defendant in their suit against Walter Johnson?

This next document is a returned summons. Apparently The Johnson's co-plaintiffs in the counter suit didn't exist or at least were very hard for the US Department of Justice to locate.

Walter Johnson hires a new attorney and asks the court for more time. Apparently Walter Johnson knew he wasn't a very good lawyer otherwise he wouldn't see the need to hire other lawyers, right? 

Or maybe Walter Johnson was afraid Walter Johnson would run off with his client's money as he had done so many times before. If you've read the entire series, The Yvonne and Walter Johnson Saga you'll understand what I meant.

And for those of you who might like to do some investigating of your own Yvonne's criminal record 
includes 3 cases in criminal court in recent years.