Thursday, September 17, 2015

The Yvonne And Walter Johnson Saga: Part 15

As we continue The Yvonne And Walter Johnson Saga I'd like to point out that the people the Johnsons were ripping off weren't just criminals who were behind bars and their families but the taxpayers of the City of Greensboro as well.

In The Yvonne And Walter Johnson Saga: Part 14 I couldn't help but wonder why the Federal Government had named the City of Greensboro as a defendant in their case against the Johnsons. Turns out it was as simple as determining whose claims to the Johnson's properties were most valid.

Well as it turns out the answer can be found in the excerpts below taken from this linked court document:

That's right, the Johnsons weren't paying their water bills and taxes. By the way, didn't Yvonne Johnson vote just last year to take the homes of 177 homeowners at a place called Heritage House putting people on the street because they fell behind on their water bill?

But Yvonne Johnson never spent a night on the street. She transferred her home into the name of a corporation owned by her daughter Lisa Johnson-Tomkins who is now Guilford County Clerk of Court and remained under her own roof.

 Now I guess some people would say well that's all water under the bridge, the Johnsons settled their case, paid what they owed and everything was settled. Except that it wasn't the case.

That's right, Yvonne and Walter stuck it to the taxpayers yet again and were hauled back to Federal Court.

Stay tuned for The Yvonne And Walter Johnson Saga: Part 16 as was never reported by our local media outlets.

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