Thursday, December 10, 2015

Why would Mo Green go from making $250,000 per year to what the last director made in 2014; $142,520

Let's say Mo gets more than $250,000 managing more than $576 million.

Why does the Say Yes to Education Foundation
with about $40 million as of 2012 pay its Executive Director more than $325,000?

How the Triad Business Journal got played for chumps by Say Yes to Education and Say Yes Guilford

If/when the Say Yes story breaks, 
our local press will have missed it,
as it really looks like another outside news source
is going to report it before the News and Record does,
just like the police stats story, again,
as the practice of journalistic malpractice is something of a rule.

If you graduate and get accepted to college, 
your tuition will be paid to the last dollar

“You just won a free college education. 

All of you.

Susan Ladd
Greensboro's News and Record
to all of Guilford County Students on 9/17/15

This is beyond incompetent.

Why isn't Z Smith Reynolds Foundation 
one of the Say Yes Guilford donors?

Say Yes to Education, Inc. (Say Yes), and Say Yes Guilford appears to be a legal Ponzi scheme and/or a Racket

Say Yes and Say Yes Guilford
appear to be willfully misleading thousands of high school students
and their parents
into believing a four year college education will be paid for
by an entity whose assets are unknown
whose parent organization is supposed to provide $15 million 
over the next few years, 
yet no one knows where it's coming from
even though the News and Record, Guilford County Schools
and the City of Greensboro has endorsed the program.

Starting with the Class of 2016, 
graduates of Guilford County Schools 
will have the opportunity to go to college and graduate 
without taking on crushing debt.

Susan Ladd, who appears to be a financial illiterate
who works for Greensboro's News and Record,
whose editors didn't edit, think or consider
what Susan was telling Guilford County's students

Say Yes to Education Red Flag; Mary Vigue; She is about to be in charge of more than $25 million for a 'non-profit' after shafting City of Greensboro employees out of investment fee cuts

Say Yes appears to be a legal Ponzi scheme,
enriching those who administer the program 
and the investment managers/foundations
holding/'managing' the contribution endowments,
while paying out monies to local cronies for 'services'
while they all join together to pilfer wealth 
from the high end of the community 
with a promise of helping the poorest among us, 
not unlike Mike Barber's First Tee of the Triad,
only different.

on November 18, 2015...

"Green also helped raise in excess of $40 million in private funding, helped secure more than $50 million in competitive state and federal grants and helped Guilford County become the first Say Yes to Education community outside of the Northeast. Through Say Yes and local fundraising efforts, high school graduates starting next year will have access to college tuition scholarships."
Green's new bosses like low cost index funds, very unlike Say Yes' Mary Vigue and the City of Greensboro, who like to let the financial industry skim profits from employees and college students.