Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Will Jamal Fox Act?

Yesterday I reported Update On The Sunday Night Stench. Today makes the fourth day and our media has yet to pick up the story despite my having proved they know it happened.

At the risk of being tossed out of yet another Facebook group I posted my link to the group Citizens for Economic and Environmental Justice where it was seen by none other than District 2 Greensboro City Councilman, Jamal Fox:

Cone Mills and the White Street Landfill are both located in District 2 where Mr Fox is elected to serve. Will Councilman Fox make any effort towards a permanent solution to this problem? Or is he, like the Vaughans, in the pockets of Greensboro's elites?

What must we do to get Greensboro's leaders to speak out and act in the best interest of the communities they are elected to represent?

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