Monday, March 28, 2016

"Ex-Triad partnership chief has case continued again", Stan Kelly, Wells Fargo and North Carolina's Crony Governments

"David Powell,  former chief executive of Piedmont Triad Partnership, has had his criminal trial continued an "undetermined point in the future."

Powell was replaced by former Wells Fargo executive Stan Kelly on an interim, then permanent basis.
04/30/2014 Individual Contribution to NC Treasurer Janet Cowell

Stan Kelly
President, Wealth Management, Sr. Exec
Wells Fargo
932 Kenleigh Cir
Winston Salem, NC 27106-5605

That's how to get rid of people like Ron Elmer who just lost to Dan Blue
for North Carolina's Treasurer

NC Treasurer Janet Cowell Contributions; "Law Firms Seek Cut of State Pension Litigation" and Pay to Play

By not making an endorsement for the NC Treasurer Democratic primary,
Greensboro's News and Record, along with most of the other state papers
fucked hundreds of thousands of municipal employees out of more than $500,000,000 per year
and most don't know.

Stan Kelly knows.

Stan Kelly presided over years of skimming money from retirement plans for Wells Fargo,
was involved in purchasing elected officials with legal bribes
and now, with the help of organizations like the Piedmont Triad Partnership
will continue to fleece North Carolina employees with Warren Buffet's blessing

Democrats for state treasurer: 29 percent for Dan Blue III, 15 percent for Ron Elmer and 52 percent undecided.

Joe Killian and Jeff Gauger betrayed North Carolina's employees
for Warren Buffett

A News and Record search for Ron Elmer;

Allen Johnson and Doug Clark betrayed North Carolina's employees
for Warren Buffett

What Warren Buffett's newspapers did to North Carolina's employees;

Sound Familiar?; Who do you think Greensboro's News and Record is going to endorse?

Associated Press misleads for Wall Street; "Correction: Primary-Council Of State story"; Don't expect the News and Record to tell anyone in print

Charlotte Observer; "Our choices for N.C. treasurer"; Where is Greensboro News and Record's endorsement for treasurer?

Look who's trying to buy some NC Treasurer candidate Dale Folwell? Robinson Bradshaw pay to play

John Hammer endorses Democrat Ron Elmer for North Carolina State Treasurer for proposing what Hartzman proposed for the City of Greensboro's retirement plan