Thursday, April 7, 2016

Greensboro Women, What Would You Do If You Were Married To A Pimp? Part 7

When I first began my series Greensboro Women, What Would You Do If You Were Married To A Pimp? I only knew about a club in Costa Rica called Hollywood Gold but in this startling e-mail as has been made public by Fec at Carolina Under Siege we now learn there may be a second brothel called The Blue Marlin with ties to some of Greensboro's wealthiest and most politically connected individuals.

While I cannot ascertain the authenticity of the e-mail Mr Martin claims to have received this does bring up some very interesting questions. For example:

As can be seen in the comments to my first post in this series I was being criticized long before any names were ever named. This could only be because some people in Greensboro already knew what I knew.

David H. never came back to comment again.

The next interesting question comes from the alleged e-mail Mr Martin posted:

"The intelligence officers assigned to these three individuals, as a result of said surveillance, have become aware that claims have been made by the fund manager that he has private pledges for what you refer to as the IGMFUPAC in the amount of $35M or more.  It is our understanding that the city has also borrowed approximately that amount.  One of the attached email documents the fund manager is receiving details the monthly cash flow toward satisfying these pledges.

For instance, Tanger Factory Outlets regularly contributes $65,000 per month.  A few months ago, we began seeing a diminution of these amounts across the board.  Additionally, phone conversations indicate many of the donors are experiencing distress due to energy investments adversely affected by the price of oil on the world market."

Is it true that Steven Tanger is falling behind in his contributions to Greensboro's downtown performing arts center so named for Mr Tanger himself because his investments in global oil stocks are crashing? I have no way of knowing but if true the City of Greensboro and in particular Mayor Nancy Barakat "Grasshopper" Vaughan should be front and center of the conversation.

As a matter of fact: in the interest of public trust the books should be online for everyone to see. Sadly they are not.

And then there's this:

"Based on our provided intelligence, we believe this Coliseum manager has recently requested and been granted $20M from the the taxpayers for a field house to host a semi-pro basketball team.  We have reason to believe some of these funds may be misappropriated to cover the shortfall in private pledges"

Could it be true that monies are being deliberately misappropriated with the full knowledge of the Greensboro City Council who voted 9-0 just Tuesday night to spend $20 Million Dollars to build the Fred Barakat Field House? We already know that Millions of Dollars were misappropriated from the South Elm Street Redevelopment Project so this is hardly a stretch.

I think I'd rather our City Council operate a brothel instead.