Thursday, June 30, 2016

Like Magic, Only Different

Funny thing about the end of quarters and Wall Street profits

The one number/account value which determines how much fee based investment accounts are charged occurs at the end of each quarter

I have seen the same thing for years at the end of quarters, especially when markets are sideways to down, like now

1,000 points down / 18,000 = about 5.5%

If there is a trillion dollars invested in fee based accounts which depend on the end of the quarter for the following three months revenue/profit, and the money is being charged 1% = $10,000,000,000

5.5% of $10 billion is $550,000,000 more over the next three months for investment firms and advisors than if the market had stayed at 17,000

With a little help from our central banks including the Federal Reserve, who is owned not by the public, but by its member banks

Who would have thought

Once you get used to taking risks with your life, it gets easier to say what others don't want to hear at ever bigger levels