Thursday, December 1, 2016

Toblerone chocolate bars are now 10% smaller, comment and links

" as a sign of the inflationary times, an effect of worldwide money creation coordinated by the leading central banks, with Toblerone being just one of many victims.

There is no amount of cheerleading that can change the outcome, 
as it's already set up to get economically worse

...Since inflation is always and everywhere a monetary phenomenon, and since the world’s central banks have been pumping new money into the global economy at unprecedented rates for several years, we should expect an upward pressure on prices.

In a Facebook post, Toblerone explained ..."We chose to change the shape to keep the product affordable for our customers..."

Statements such as this cause Toblerone to become, unwittingly, a case study for how firms in competitive markets respond when monetary inflation raises their costs of production.

More American manufacturing jobs are going to cause price inflation,
making what we want more expensive to purchase

Great idea, but the cheap shit we get from China
would have to disapear off the store shelves,
making already inflation shrinking paychecks go even less far

When that happens, firms are less able to pass the cost on to consumers in the form of higher prices because if they do, they face a strong likelihood of losing market share and revenues. Instead, these firms cut back in terms of volume, size, and portions.

Less for the same price, is more money for less stuff

...Have you been to a restaurant lately where the menu prices haven’t seemed to change but the portions of food on your plate has?


Or opened a bag of chips that hasn’t fallen in size while the volume of chips inside has?

Or consumed a product of lower quality than you remembered in less inflationary times because its producer was obligated to change ingredients to break even?

...wouldn’t it be great if Toblerone turned this incident into a teaching moment for its devoted customers? If it used its social media channels to remind them of the virtues of hard money and the costs of fiat money?

The more pretend money, the higher the prices,
the less product bought, the more expensive x may be the next day

But it doesn't look that way for the US yet, 
as the dollar rises in response to all the other central banks print faster

...It was rare but not uncommon for firms to make such arguments during the inflationary 1970s. It would be even more satisfying than good Swiss chocolate to see it again."

How much do you think a Toblerone costs in Venezuela?

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