Saturday, January 14, 2017

Allen Johnson and Doug Clark lobbying elected officials to purchase the News and Record site

..."Developers have eyed the News & Record’s land for years as prime downtown real estate. City leaders already are mulling a possible offer for the site. “We can’t let this opportunity pass us by,” Mayor Nancy Vaughan told the News & Record Wednesday.

...the site’s potential is unmistakable. Downtown has long needed a major development to spark growth to the east of Elm and Davie streets.

This certainly wouldn’t be the first time a News & Record site paved the way for center-city growth.

...With a number of hotel projects and a new performing arts center in the works, who knows what the future holds?"...
Expect a City Council election year love fest between the News and Record and those lobbying to buy the newspaper property

Greensboro's Mayor Vaughan and Tony Wilkins just cost City taxpayers a lot of money

Greensboro loses more jobs at the News and Record; Compound for sale

It's been about a month since the News and Record hasn't reported Say Yes Guilford has less than $11 million, and charter schools have to pay 100%

Once again, Greensboro's Rhino Times inflates readership estimates to mislead advertisers

Regressive Taxes by City Council; "Greensboro increased its vehicle tax from $10 to the maximum allowed"