Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Greensboro loses more jobs at the News and Record; Compound for sale

"The News & Record is moving its press operations to Winston-Salem later this year...

[Publisher Daniel Finnegan] said moving the News & Record’s production to the expanded print facility will allow the paper to improve print quality and increase page and color capacity...


It wasn’t clear Tuesday how many jobs would be affected by the change. The News & Record’s production department, which includes the mail and press rooms, employs about 100 full- and part-time workers...

Finnegan said that the News & Record is considering other options for its building at 200 E. Market St. Developers and downtown advocates have said the property is in a prime area for redevelopment.
“We would consider selling if the right opportunity came along,” Finnegan said."
Remember when Greensboro's City Council and its Community Foundation lied about how the STPAC debt would be paid for?

Dawn DeCwikiel-Kane, Greensboro's News and Record, City Council and Staff,
Kathy Manning, Walker Sanders and the rest of our elites 
told quite a few lies to get this done at the expense of City taxpayers
who are going to be left with a really nice lobby and annual losses in perpetuity.

The perversity of disinformation "Look for Tanger Center in 2019"

Control Fraud enabled by Greensboro's News and Record and the City of Greensboro

What you won't be told by Greensboro's News and Record or the Triad Business Journal

This is yours Allen, Doug, Stephen, Joe, Jeff, Margaret etc...

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Roch Smith, Jr. on the News and Record's Fake Facts

The saddest part of this whole affair other than lost jobs 
is the News and Record's overtly purposeful inability
to call out those local business leaders supporting the economic decimation of our state.

Roy Carroll and other funders of these elected officials 
are advocating bigotry, discrimination and fewer worker rights in North Carolina,
and the news industry isn't pointing out who the real villains actually are behind the curtain.

Those who funded the legislators who voted for the bill
now want to look like the good guys after they were the bad guys
which cost the state of North Carolina millions,
and the News and Record is letting them get away with it

It's been about a month since the News and Record hasn't reported Say Yes Guilford has less than $11 million, and charter schools have to pay 100%

Been 14 days since the News and Record didn't report Billy Jones wins public records lawsuit against the City of Greensboro, Posted 11/29/2016

It's been 55 days since the News and Record didn't report Marty Kotis getting $600,000 from Greensboro's taxpayers to design a bike path inside a consent agenda

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