Saturday, April 22, 2017

Did Ralph Rodland Resign As Guilford County Democratic Party Chair?

I got a telephone call last night telling me that Ralph Rodland has resigned as Guilford County Democratic Chairman over issues involving the selection of April Parker to run against Skip Alston to replace Ray Trap here in Guilford County District 8. My source is an elected official who has been highly reliable in the past but I'm as yet unable to confirm Mr Rodland's resignation.

Perhaps you remember my recent articles, Hey April Parker, Remember Billy Jones? and Let's Make Sure Stephen Bolen Never Holds Elected Office which seem to confirm the disarray of our local Democratic Party.

This morning I found Democrats postpone Guilford Commissioner selection by Yasmine Regester in The Carolina Peacemaker which states:

"Janet Barnes, N.C. African American Caucus president, who says she supports Alston’s bid, opposed taking a vote on Alston on Monday night. She said there were not enough of the district’s voters present.

“This was not fair representation and this meeting was not properly publicized to District 8 voters. That is a violation of the party’s Plan of Organization. There are only about 30 people and not enough members of the executive committee present to vote,” said Barnes.

Guilford County voting statistics show that 66.2 percent of District 8 is comprised of Democrats, with 20,054 of those voters being African American. Each precinct has a captain or precinct leader that represents the precinct on the party’s executive committee. Out of 20 Guilford County precincts, only six are organized with precinct committees."

Interestingly, my source told me that while District 8 is majority African American and politically active, District 8's African American voters and party members were not informed of the selection process or that it was taking place. You know, voter fraud.

"Ralph Rodland, GCDP chairman said that a notice was mailed out last week to registered Democrats in District 8. Another notice will now be sent announcing next week’s meeting."

I don't know how the process works but I'm a registered Democrat living in District 8 and I certainly wasn't informed. Nothing came in my mailbox, Mr Rodland. Nor did anything come for other family members who are also registered Democrats living in District 8. And yes, we vote in every election.

So if Mr Rodland didn't resign, perhaps now is the time.