Friday, July 21, 2017

What's The Relationship Between Jill R Wilson And Anita Wilson Sharpe?

Jill R Wilson is an attorney for the law firm, Brooks Pierce Law.

They do kinda favor, don't they?

How do I know Ms Sharpe's maiden name is Wilson? Because she used it when she commented and later deleted her comments on my facebook page. You see, Ms Sharpe, there is this thing called a screen grab that is better than lie detectors at catching people telling fibs.

And this one:

And along with deleting her comments she never replied to my follow-up question:

Anyone notice any resemblance between Jill R Wilson and Anita Wilson Sharpe? Is there any other evidence that might connect the two. According to the Guilford County Schools, Ms Sharpe lives at 5521 Drake Road.

According to the Guilford County Register of Deeds a lot of folks with the last name of Sharpe live along Drake Road. No less than 9 Sharpe families are listed as property owners. There are 3 Wilson families who own property on Drake Road. What does that prove? Nothing.

The only Jill Wilson I could find who owns property in Guilford County didn't appear to be who we're after. I suspect we might find a whole bunch of Wilsons just south of Drake Road in Randolph County but I didn't check.

But Guilford County Schools are still trying to justify charging "production fees" for public information requests at the direction of Attorney Jill R Wilson while failing to tell us How Much Is Jill R Wilson Of Brooks Pierce Law Being Paid BY GCS?

Considering that Jill R Wilson is the person who is looking through the public information requests to determine which ones the public is to be allowed to see, it only seems fair that her fees be made public too.

As a matter of fact: it's the law.