Sunday, March 18, 2018

Sunday, March 18, 2018, and no one knows what the Publix give away for Roy Carroll looks like
And there is no listed meeting for the 20th on the Meetings Calendar;
Greensboro's City Council is going to pick Roy Carroll for millions more, who, along with friends, family and STPAC supporters, funded a great deal of local elections, to unfairly compete with a relatively unconnected business owners down the street.

This time, without population growth, Publix is going to get subsidized by Greensboro's taxpayers to take jobs from other grocery stores down the street.

Greensboro's City Council is violating the idea of free enterprise, by altering what should be an even playing field to benefit Roy Carroll, who put many of them in power with the help of John Hammer at Roy's Rhino Times.

We just gave Roy a million dollars worth of prime downtown street, $32 million for a parking deck, and now he wants the city to upgrade his water and sewer at everyone else's expense.
City Council Give Away; June 16, 2015; $188,280.87 of water and sewer for Roy Carroll hidden in item 9 of the consent agenda for Greensboro's City Council meeting

How much did the city spend to get the sewer line installed under I-40 for Roy Carroll's AMEX backup data center project?
Adam Smith, the father of modern economics wrote “The proposal of any new law or regulation which comes from [businessmen], ought always to be listened to with great precaution, and ought never to be adopted till after having been long and carefully examined, not only with the most scrupulous, but with the most suspicious attention.”

If a democratically elected government is supposed to protect the public from profit-seeking special interests, so the people don’t end up living “in a van down by the river,” while the “Man” captures the community’s regulatory and political apparatus with campaign cash, are Roy Carroll's actions symptomatic of a systemic disease afflicted on an apathetic population, enabled by a majority of Greensboro's City Council?

Sharon Hightower's Roy Carroll take via the Triad Good Government PAC

When in doubt, buy a newspaper and buy as many local politicians as possible, by Roy Carroll and John Hammer

Rhino Times John Hammer shills for Justin Outling and the rest of Roy Carroll's minions on City Council

Roy Carroll + PAC = Greensboro City Council = $1,000 for Goldie Wells

Hartzman's prepared statement on John Hammer, Roy Carroll and the Rhino Times, from last night's City Council meeting

The Rhino's John Hammer on unfair competition from Triad City Beat

Congratulations Roy Carroll, Tuggle Duggins's Mike Fox and John Hammer.

An act of Cowardice by John Hammer for Roy Carroll: "Breaking The Government Monopoly On Inspections"

Roy Carroll's Tony Wilkins stealth donation via the Triad Good Government PAC

Roy Carroll funneling money to Nancy Vaughan via the Triad Good Government PAC

John Hammer goes to the Infrastructure Committee meeting, doesn't report Marty Kotis getting a City property for less than the appraised value = John Hammer isn't a journalist

Mike Barber's 2017 Greensboro City Council campaign finance payoff for going after Randall Kaplan, Kathy Manning and George House, with some Yvonne Johnson, Tony Wilkins, Goldie Wells, Nancy Vaughan, Sharon Hightower, Justin Outling, Nancy Hoffmann, Jim Kee and Marty Kotis

Congrats to Roy Carroll and Randall Kaplan; Your names appear nowhere on $56 million in taxpayer handouts

Nancy Vaughan's 2017 Roy Carroll payoff for his parking deck

Roy Carroll and Tuggle Duggin's Triad Good Government PAC, Nancy Hoffmann, and the rest of our bribed politicians

Nancy Hoffman's post election filing take from Roy Carroll via the Triad Good Government PAC

Today's City of Greensboro is the result of a transformation into an oligarchy"

Greensboro, North Carolina; "Crony capitalism is the worst case in point"

"North Carolina is no longer classified as a democracy"

Sarah Palin slams Greensboro for 'crony capitalism' deals

The Declaration of Independence and Our New Crony Royalty

"In the mid–20th century, fascism actually meant something.

Is Roy Carroll an egomaniac, a narcissist or a Megalomaniac?

Hartzman on Roy Carroll, John Hammer and Trudy Wade's City Council Redistricting

"Consider Greensboro's News Media.

"Our community's only defense again crony capitalism is a strong independent media.


If developers pay for water and sewer extensions, why did we just pay for Roy Carroll and Marty Kotis' ?