Monday, June 8, 2015

Is Roy Carroll an egomaniac, a narcissist or a Megalomaniac?

The Rhino covered High Point 
in 2010

"Candidates and voters in 2010 focused on national economic conditions and the economic policies of the Obama Administration and Congressional Democrats. Attention was paid to public anger over the Wall Street bailout signed into law by President George W. Bush in late 2008. Voters were also motivated for and against the sweeping reforms of the health care system enacted by Democrats in 2010, as well as concerns over tax rates and record deficits.[9] At the time of the election, unemployment was over 9%...

The passage of the controversial Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act also contributed to the low approval ratings of Congress, particularly Democrats, in the months leading up to the election. Many Republicans ran on a promise to repeal the law, and beat incumbent Democratic opponents who had voted in favor of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act."

30,000 at 750 locations 

would mean about 40 papers are left at each location.

The Rhino Times is saying 2015's circulation
is as good or better than as before 2010's Republican takeover,
without having to cover High Point,
after Roy got bashed on multiple occasions
for backing Trudy Wade's redistricting plan
from both sides of the isle, 
while he blatantly promotes his own projects, 
after he boasted of his net worth
to mostly middle class Greensboro and Guilford County?
Publishers Column: By Roy Carroll, May 14, 2015;

"...the war of words [with the News & Record] seems to have intensified since I announced my offer to purchase the News & Record from Warren Buffett earlier this year.

...The Rhino Times also called the News & Record out for being asleep at the wheel over the last several years by not acknowledging our community’s lack of wage and job growth.

...I’m proud of the job the Rhino Times did in shining a light on the current economic situation.

...I get the fact that we are competitors, but I guess I was just naive about the intensity with which the News & Record would lash out.


...John Hammer has cleared the air on News & Record stories that were simply not true or were misleading.  An example is the Acropolis wall story a few weeks ago.  John Hammer had the same facts that the News & Record had for their story.

I know John works for me, but John did include pertinent facts, such as our folks trying to meet with the Acropolis owners who refused to meet with us.  Also, Jimmy Contogiannis, the owner of Acropolis, threatened to arrest the crews working on our property on our side of the wall.  The first crew was threatened so many times that they quit and we had to hire a more expensive replacement crew.  But the News & Record chose to “cherry pick” the parts they thought would cast me in the most negative light.  I wasted an afternoon of a family vacation on an out-of-country phone call talking to Richard Barron and giving him the facts.

Rhino Times, Yes Weekly and Triad City Beat Advertisement Efficacy Update for May 27 - June 3

...We ...look forward to the Rhino Times and the Triad Business Journal reporting on some exciting upcoming projects we have planned for our community.

God bless our community and thanks for reading the Rhino Times.
Egomania is also known as an obsessive preoccupation with one's self
and applies to someone who follows their own ungoverned impulses
 and is possessed by delusions of personal greatness
 and feels a lack of appreciation.

Someone suffering from this extreme egocentric focus
is an egomaniac.

The danger with the egomaniac
is always that 'underneath the apparent over-confidence and bravado
 lies a fragile personality',
driven by 'grandiose fantasies of boundless success or power
or perfect love which cannot be fulfilled.

The condition is psychologically abnormal.

"Narcissism is the pursuit of gratification from vanity
or egotistic admiration of one's own attributes.

The term originated from the Greek mythology,
where the young Narcissus fell in love with his own image
reflected in a pool of water.

Narcissism is usually considered a problem
in a person or group's relationships with self and others.

Narcissism is not the same as egocentrism."

"Megalomania is a psychopathological condition characterized by delusional fantasies of power, relevance, omnipotence, and by inflated self-esteem. is likely to lead to miscalculation as a by-product of the subject's conceit."

Has anyone seen the Rhino Times' circulation audit? About 16% of the Rhino's ads are taxpayer funded.

Roy Carroll's Rhino Times questionable circulation subsidized by Greensboro's taxpayers

How can the Rhino claim to have 70,000 weekly readers if Roy is only distributing about 17,500 issues per week, many of which don't get read?

City of Greensboro Rhino Times Circulation Audit Information Request

Rhino Times Greensboro Coliseum Advertising

Rhino Times; N.C. Gen. Stat § 75-1.1: Unfair & Deceptive Trade Practices Under North Carolina Law

Democracy and a free press no longer exists in Greensboro, North Carolina

George Hartzman on the Rhino Times, John Hammer, Roy Carroll and Journalism Ethics

An act of Cowardice by John Hammer for Roy Carroll: "Breaking The Government Monopoly On Inspections"

Hartzman's prepared statement on John Hammer, Roy Carroll and the Rhino Times, from last night's City Council meeting

Rhino Times' Roy Carroll Advertisement as a News Story which admits Trudy Wade's Council Culling plan is Roy's
If Roy is printing 30,000 per week;

30,000 x an average of 40 pages = 1,200,000 pages of ink

A penny per printed page would cost 
= at least $12,000 of printing per week,
which would be $624,000 per year
before paying the mortgage on the office, 
utilities, salaries, delivery, taxes etc...

The Rhino had about 6.625 pages of paid advertising
in May 14, 2015's 40 page edition
while Greensboro's taxpayers are paying $250 per week
for a full page ad, not including the "free" tickets 

for Carroll and Hammer, compliments of Matt Brown.

Either Roy doesn't print 30,000 per week, 
the Rhino doesn't have 750 locations, 
or Roy is taking a bath in a money pit.