Saturday, May 16, 2015

Has anyone seen the Rhino Times' circulation audit? About 16% of the Rhino's ads are taxpayer funded.

By my count, Roy Carroll's Rhino Times has about 6.625 pages of paid advertising in May 14, 2015's 40 page edition.

If one notices, Roy appears to give away quite a bit of ads to Guilford College, where his daughter went, and where Roy gave $1,000,000 a couple of years back, and is a big supporter of the Community Theater of Greensboro. 

Another for a Signature Properties Group apartment complex may have been a swap involved with his purchase of CityView, but I counted it anyway.

Roy owns Bee Safe Storage, so he is using his own printing costs to advertise his own company.

The Orrell Design ad may be a swap as the Rhino just had an under-attended Schmoozefest at the location. 

Like Greensboro's News & Record for Warren Buffet, the Rhino Times for Roy is a money losing business, which is okay for both, as they keep their questionable business practices out of the news and support causes and projects they profit from.

Now that Roy has amended his sign to say "as audited", and as Greensboro's taxpayers are funding about 16% of his advertising revenue, it's time for the Rhino to provide the audit that shows they have 70,000 readers per issue.

Roy Carroll's Rhino Times questionable circulation subsidized by Greensboro's taxpayers

From an EZ Greensboro Fan on the Rhino Times Circulation/Reader Inflation Issue

How can the Rhino claim to have 70,000 weekly readers if Roy is only distributing about 17,500 issues per week, many of which don't get read?