Sunday, February 18, 2018

Mike Barber's 2017 Greensboro City Council campaign finance payoff for going after Randall Kaplan, Kathy Manning and George House, with some Yvonne Johnson, Tony Wilkins, Goldie Wells, Nancy Vaughan, Sharon Hightower, Justin Outling, Nancy Hoffmann, Jim Kee and Marty Kotis

From Triad Good Government PAC's year end filing, which the public was unaware of before the election;
Paid for by those who are going to gain from the other parking deck;
By the way Mike, you need to refile your inaccurate year end report, as Roy and friends gave you $6,000 total during the cycle;
Remember how much taxpayer money Barber voted to give to Marty Kotis?

All conveniently reported after the election, and not reported by our local paper and Roy's Rhino

The other payoffs from Roy after the election and after they voted him $30 million;
STPAC VIP Parking Control Fraud Math

Downtown Greensboro Parking Deck Math = City Council lied to our community and may have broken a few laws

On April 18, 2017, Justin Outling seconded and voted to give Brooks Pierce Partner George House Greensboro taxpayer monies while Justin worked at Brooks Pierce

Rhino Times John Hammer shills for Justin Outling and the rest of Roy Carroll's minions on City Council

Nancy and Don Vaughan Political Graft?; Don's payments from ITG while Nancy served on the Solid Waste Committee

Ethical Responsibilities of the Governing Body of the City of Greensboro

Marty Kotis' Tony Wilkins contribution before Tony voted to give Marty a $3 million building for $900,000

John Hammer's Rhino Times Propaganda for Crooked Mike Barber; "Greensboro Needs a Barber on City Council"

Tammi Thurm's employer's wife Kay Hagan's $2,700 for Kathy Manning, days before Tammi voted Randall and House $30 million for a parking deck, among other Manning donor's exploits

Greensboro City Council member Tammi Thurm's former employer Randall Kaplan's Wife and Congressional Candidate Kathy Manning's Tammi Thurm $1,000 contribution before she voted them a $30 million unneeded parking deck from which they will personally profit

Greensboro's Tanger Center Budget, as of 12/19/2017; Tammi Thurm voted for legislation which gave her boss' brother $586,000

Two reasons among many that a GPAC with 3,000 seats probably won't work as well as DPAC with 2,700 seats

Downtown Greensboro Parking Deck Math = City Council lied to our community and may have broken a few laws

Roy's John Hammer is full of Siht on Tammi Thurm's election strategy

Congrats to Roy Carroll and Randall Kaplan; Your names appear nowhere on $56 million in taxpayer handouts

On "new" jobs created by the proposed Wyndham and lack of the project meeting incentive criteria

From the 2010 Greensboro funded study for the Elm Street Center hotel, of which the Rhino can't seem to investigate

When in doubt, buy a newspaper and buy as many local politicians as possible, by Roy Carroll and John Hammer