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Greensboro City Council member Tammi Thurm's former employer Randall Kaplan's Wife and Congressional Candidate Kathy Manning's Tammi Thurm $1,000 contribution before she voted them a $30 million unneeded parking deck from which they will personally profit

Mr. Randall R. Kaplan has been the Chief Executive Officer of Listingbook LLC since August 2007 and serves as its Chairman of the Board. ...Mr. Kaplan serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Capsule Group, LLC (car wash chain and real estate development).  Mr. Kaplan serves as the managing partner of the Elm Street Center, LLC. From the mid-1980s to 2000, He served as the president and an owner of Kay Chemical Company. ...Mr. Kaplan served as the founding Chairman of the Board of SterlingSouth Bank, which successfully merged with Bank of North Carolina. Mr. Kaplan serves as a Director at Capsule Group, LLC. Mr. Kaplan served as a Director of Bnc BanCorp. and Bank of North Carolina from June 15, 2006 to August 2010. Mr. Kaplan served as Director of SterlingSouth Bank & Trust Co. Mr. Kaplan is an entrepreneur...
Tammi Thurm worked for Randall Kaplan and Kathy Manning before voting them $30 million on December 19, 2017, which included them owning retail space in the parking decks;

"Chief Financial Officer and Human Resources Manager, Listingbook, LLC 2006–2013

Chief Financial Officer and Vice President of Operations, Capsule Group, LLC 2002–2013"

Both owned by Randall Kaplan, who's wife is now running for congress
"...On Dec. 19, the City Council voted to build a six-story, 850-space deck on South Davie between February One and East Market Street. It’s being built in conjunction with a Westin Hotel behind Elm Street Center.

The hotel project involves several developers, led by local attorney George House and by Randall Kaplan, a local businessman and philanthropist. Kaplan’s wife, Kathy Manning, announced early last month her candidacy for the 13th Congressional District in Greensboro.

Under the plan, the city will reimburse Kaplan and other developers up to $30 million for the decks

...The Westin will be built on top of one side of the deck. The other will include retail space that the developers will own."
The Thurm Campaign paid off Mayor Nancy Vaughan for support, 
which has never been reported, paying some of her salary via donations
to her 'former' employer;
Meanwhile, Tammi Thurm's current employer "Chip, former US Senator Kay Hagan's husband", who's brother David Hagen made $586,000 on the real estate transactions for the TPAC;

Greensboro's Tanger Center Budget, as of 12/19/2017; Tammi Thurm voted for legislation which gave her boss' brother $586,000
"...the proposal for the deck on February One Place is a mess, giving control over design and construction to a private corporation led by Randall Kaplan and George House. One council member, a law partner of House’s at Brooks Pierce, cast several votes related to this project before recusing himself due to his conflict of interest.

At the very least, the City Council appears to be guilty of cronyism — tailoring policy to benefit friends and business associates rather than to the whole city."

Gary Kenton
Tammi Thurm works for CHARLES T. "Chip" HAGAN III, whose wife is former U.S. Senator Kay Hagan, and whose brother ripped off Greensboro taxpayers during the real estate deals to buy up the Performing Arts Center land

Two reasons among many that a GPAC with 3,000 seats probably won't work as well as DPAC with 2,700 seats

Operating expenses and debt service for the two decks is expected to total $4.6 million per year 
— an amount covered by revenue from fees, existing parking funds and the city’s general fund

Jordan Green
Triad City Beat, November 22, 2017

Why would Greensboro Performing Arts Center Parasite Kathy Manning give Nancy Hoffmann $1,000?

Randall Kaplan and Kathy Manning are married, to each other

Tammi Thurm was "Chief Financial Officer and Human Resources Manager, Listingbook, LLC 2006–2013,
and Chief Financial Officer and Vice President of Operations, Capsule Group, LLC 2002–2013",
Both owned by Randall Kaplan, which is why Tammi should have recused herself from voting
for Randall Kaplan personal financial interests, but didn't
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