Saturday, December 30, 2017

Please provide documentation describing "Capitalized Interest on Limited Obligation Bonds" for the STPAC project

Downtown Greensboro Parking Deck Math = City Council lied to our community and may have broken a few laws

STPAC VIP Parking Control Fraud Math

On Margaret Moffett's "Downtown parking decks may be a thing of the past", Justin Outling, Tammi Thurm and our coming tax increase to pay for handouts to millionaires

Looks like The Steven Tanger Center for the Performing Arts is going to cost a lot more than the reported $89.7 million

Are the parking deck deals for Randall and Roy "Rackets"?

On Greensboro's News and Record's "Officials: Cone Denim's legal access increases with deck" by Margaret Moffett

Jeff Sykes carves up Nancy Vaughan, Roy Carroll, Randall Kaplan and the rest of the crooked crew in downtown Greensboro

A mix of Gary Kenton's letter to the editor and Hartzman's, "Voters should follow money connections", with some public records requests submitted to the City of Greensboro