Friday, May 4, 2018

A bird flying by tells me Nancy Vaughan, DGI's Zack Matheny and City staff threw Roy Carroll under the bus to enrich Randall Kaplan and Kathy Manning, Congressional Candidate,George House and Justin Outling and Greensboro's elite oligarchs

Sounds like Nancy Vaughan made the ultimate call, and Zack was in on it, with the help of past and current City staff.

Kathy Manning is going to have a boatload of leftover campaign cash to hand out, in exchange for her hubby Randall Kaplan's $32 million parking deck for his hotel which stands to profit from Kathy, George and CFGG's Walker Sander's play for the Steven Tanger Performing Arts Center residual leisure stay profits.

A full D City Council and Zack going for a clear win in the next election with Manning's money seems entirely plausible, now that Kathy's in with the national establishment.

Roy Carroll's Rhino endorsed those running for County Commissioner this year, after they voted for about $18 million in tax breaks to enable his $3 million water and sewer payday for the Publix distribution center.

The City is slow to produce the 1,700 plus emails related to former Greensboro mayor Robbie Perkins' involvement in the deck and Publix deals.

Who would have thought?

Can most let most of City Council and executive staff off the hook after Roy Carroll went after the competing deck with John Hammer and the Rhino Times, considering Roy's paper endorses candidates for local office while extorting votes for Carroll's real bottom line?

Maybe if our local sold out or negligent press would have taken the Rhino to task for influencing who wins and loses private profits from local taxpayer paid for deals originally conceived to enrich most of the big campaign supporters on both sides.

But they didn't.  Both the News and Record and the Rhino endorsed Skip Alston, which is a good indication of what underlies the decision making.

Skip, Nancy Vaughan and Sharon Hightower went to see the Publix distribution center Publix probably wants to downsize with more $400 million high tech, robotic enterprises as planned for Eastern Guilford County. 

Either way Roy Carroll walks with $3 million of water sewer good idea or bad with no skin in the game.

The whole gang gets away with Greensboro's taxpayers on the hook for the STPAC plus interest;

As of November 14, 2017, only $20 million of the private donations had been "raised"; If the City of Greensboro's bond council (Robinson Bradshaw) doesn't know how much Walker Sanders of the Community Foundation has actually brought in for the Steven Tanger Performing Arts Center, then who does?

Greensboro's News and Record has not reported "END CITIZENS UNITED ENDORSES KATHY MANNING IN NC-13" since March 1, 2018, after which she continued to take money from PACs

Greensboro's latest slush fund balance the City's employees want a chunk of;

STPAC VIP Parking Control Fraud Math

Downtown Greensboro Parking Deck Math = City Council lied to our community and may have broken a few laws

For as many times as this information has been posted, 
has there been a single refutation?