Friday, March 9, 2012

Greensboro Garbage Comes Back In 15 Years

Many residents wanted Greensboro's White Street Landfill to be closed once and for all. Others wanted it to remain open to municipal waste and to be privatized. I advocated a modern waste 2 energy plant on the 1000 acre White Street location. Ultimately, the Greensboro City Council voted to close the White Street Landfill to all but C&D (Construction and Demolition) waste and ship Greensboro's municipal waste to the Uwharrie Regional Landfill, managed by Republic Services Inc., located 70 miles away in Montgomery County, NC.

But now we learn our garbage woes will be coming back to haunt us again in just 15 years when the Uwharrie landfill is expected to be filled up and forever closed. And that regional landfill our politicians were talking about in Randolph County? Turns out I was right again when I said it ain't gonna happen. But if it does happen, Greensboro will face the same problem in 30 years.

I bring this up because many of the same people responsible for making the worst possible decision they could have made in terms of dealing with municipal waste and leaving us with 1000 acres of empty promises they knew would never happen, are the same people who refuse to consider the little green circle in northeast Greensboro as a possible site for the Greensboro Performing Arts Center.

Think about it.

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