Saturday, October 6, 2012

City Of Greensboro Alleged Discrimination Payouts

Are you curious as to how much former Greensboro City Manager Mitchel Johnson cost the taxpayers over the course of the Wray Fray? The following is some of the money the City of Greensboro has paid out so far.

Chief David Wray $157,276.49
Lawrence Alexander  $264,177.03
Gilmer Brady  $54,875.20
Julius Fulmore $268,959.77
James Hinson $51,886.32
James Hinson again $87,787.44
Fox and Sanders $90,803.95

Total $975,726.20

Someone please check my math.

Please keep in mind that the City of Greensboro has settled out of court with each of these men and that the best that I can ascertain these payments are still ongoing.

Aren't you glad that myself and many others worked to force the firing of Mitchel Johnson before he costs us a few more $Millions? The last time I saw Johnson he was selling aluminum cans at the scrap metal yard where I worked as general manager. I took his ID and scanned it into the computer just as we did everyone who sold scrap metals there.