Sunday, October 15, 2017

So what have you done Allen Johnson?

You let Warren Buffet off the hook for scamming poor people by not going after him for the Clayton Homes mortgages making debt serfs our of hundreds of thousands.  Yes, you didn't lift a finger.

You let Nancy and Don Vaughan off the hook for milking the White Street Landfill methane.  Yes, that's you Allen.

You let Roy Carroll, Marty Kotis and Jim Melvin off the hook for being our community's biggest HB2 supporters.

You let the financial industry off the hook for insider trading and securities fraud.  Didin't understand it Allen?

You let bogus math go on the performing arts center taxpayer funded bonds paid for with imaginary VIP parking.  You let oligharchs rip off Greensboro's taxpayers.

You are of the class of whom you speak of sir.