Monday, November 13, 2017

A conversation with Joe Gaurino on Mark Walker's betrayal of our Country's future generations and links

George Hartzman; Should Donald Trump sign a bill into law that will save him $4 billion?

Joseph Guarino; The Constitution says we have a right to our property, and it cannot be taken away unless there has been due process of law and just compensation. This is a country that is supposed to have property rights. Walker is right on this one.

George Hartzman; There is no due process anymore. The constitution was written before the Federal Reserve. There are very few enforced laws anymore. There is no free market economy any more. Our society is a perversion not unlike prior empires at their peak, but th...See More

George Hartzman; Mark Walker is a pawn in the game, who has violated the teachings of his faith in exchange for power.

Joseph Guarino; George, if you want the government to forcibly take away private property, you need to amend the Constitution.

George Hartzman; The government forcibly takes away property when it promises unsustainable social benefits to keep the poor from rising up against the rich.  When the government spends more than what it takes in, and when it prints money to prop up the top at the expense of everyone else, which is what it has been doing without an eke of protest en mass since 2008.  Our elected leaders have stolen our children's future for a more pleasant present.