Friday, March 23, 2018

I made a bunch of phone calls today trying to find out who the realtor is for Roy Carroll's Publix Greensboro incentive deal

I saw Robbie Perkins huddled with Marlene Sanford at the Council meeting Tuesday night, waiting for the vote to give Roy Carroll millions more on top of the $32 million he just got with the Tuggle Duggins's boys from the Triad Good Government PAC, which gave to 7 out of 9 City Council members last election cycle.

Yvonne Johnson didn't even know where the money came from.

I asked Robbie if he was going to be the real estate agent for the retail space the City/Roy was building into the deck taxpayers were paying for by the ballpark.

He said he didn't know anything etc...

It occurred to me this morning Robbie is not only Roy Carroll's leasing agent, he also serves Roy in other capacities
Roy came to council with a Publix incentive deal saying the company would invest $250 million and pay $50,000 per year for warehouse workers, which turned into $400 million invested and $42,000 average salary, above the City thresholds for handouts.

No one ever said who Roy Carroll's real estate agent on the deal was.

Kathi Dubel of the City of Greensboro told me today she didn't know who the real estate agent standing to make hundreds of thousands was, and didn't think it mattered at all.

I informed Mrs. Dubel it mattered if Robbie Perkins, Greensboro's former mayor, stood to gain from a vote of millions of which knowledge of his participation was excluded from public view.

Didn't get a call back from David Parrish, Tom Carruthers etc... on the subject.

Robbie has a history of skimming off taxpayers;

12/31/13; Robbie Perkin's 9,000 acres, Project Haystack, "Incentives" and the Rhino Times

Remember when then Greensboro mayor Robbie Perkins negotiated a $19 million deal with the county to bring water and sewer lines to eastern Guilford County and open up 9,000 acres to development?

Think Roy's Rhino will investigate?

I predict the Rhino will under-report incentive deals related to Roy Carroll's friends or Roy, and continue to scrutinize deals that would compete with Roy or his friends.

Did Guilford County's Commissioners know that Chester Brown was about to own Gunter's Crossing when he represented Robbie Perkins' LLC for a $124,000 grant?

A comparison of Rhino Times articles with "Randall Kaplan" compared to the News & Record

10/12/13; On Robbie Perkins' dishonest campaign flier

...American Express purchased Roy Carroll's land for a data farm with few employees right after the company fired 1,500 plus across town. 

Who was the real estate broker for the transaction?

What other properties were shown by whom to American Express?

Then Robbie and Skip directed the Water/Sewer trust fund to provide AMEX with utilities, which cost millions, after which Roy Carroll ended up with water and sewer for his Birch Creek property.

Robbie Perkins led the effort to line his and his friends pockets with taxpayer money without creating more jobs.

Latest Greensboro Mayoral Legal Bribes for Robbie Perkins; $68,475 total

Kieth Brown; "Crony Capitalism and Local Developer Roy Carroll Red Flags on This American Express Incentive Deal

Take from the poor to give to friends at the Country Club; Nancy Vaughan and Robbie Perkins edition

"Carroll seeks $4M from Greensboro for shovel-ready site"

Mayor Perkins and Crony Capitalist Roy Carroll seeking millions in taxpayers monies for water and sewer to Eastern Guilford County

A sign of panic; "Wilkins, Barber win nods from 5 former Greensboro mayors"

Mike Barber personally profiting from Greensboro taxpayers with some help from Amanda Lehmert

"Score a win for Greensboro blogger George Hartzman, whose Socratic tirades in front of city council can sometimes come across as hyperbolic. Hartzman vocally questioned whether Mayor Robbie Perkins should be voting on an economic incentives payout to a Park View Development, the business entity for Center Point — for which Perkins serves as a listing agent in his role as a commercial real estate broker... [for Roy Carroll]

Interim City Attorney Jamiah Waterman ruled that Perkins had no conflict of interest.

Three days later Waterman was eating his opinion: “Upon further review, it can reasonably be argued that Mayor Perkins was subjected to a potential financial detriment, e.g. the potential loss of his real estate listings with Park View Development LLC.

As Jim Melvin could cause 
a potential financial detriment to Mike Barber's First Tee of the Triad, 
e.g. the potential loss of Bryan Foundation financial support
 Mr. Barber needs to recuse himself from the Zack replacement vote.

As such, I am revising my prior opinion to reflect that Mayor Perkins appears to have an impermissible conflict of interest in this matter.

Jordan Green