Thursday, November 22, 2018

Happy Thanksgiving; Mayor Nancy Vaughan, Justin Outling, Marikay Abuzuaiter, Yvonne Johnson, Robbie Perkins, Marlene Sanford and TREBIC are partially responsible for the terrible housing conditions at the Avalon Trace Apartments

The Greensboro Housing Coalition had been concerned about the Avalon Trace Apartments in East Greensboro for years.

Robbie Perkins worked/funded/led the effort to eliminate local rental inspections state wide
via Roy Carroll and other's funding and membership in TREBIC,
all of whom are also partially responsible for the deaths of 5 kids on Summit Avenue

"I used to get called out to this property all the time for things like roof leaks, mold, roach and mice infestation and it came very disheartening that we couldn’t get much done to get those tenant problems resolved," Executive Director Brett Byerly said.

Robbie's company financially supported TREBIC, 
was the City Council's RUCO Task Liaison,
publicly espoused Rental Unit regulation preservation,
while funding the organization trying to eliminate it while taking campaign contributions
from those who wanted to remove protections for low income renters,
while acting as Roy Carroll's real estate agent

...there was a baby less than a year old that spent more time at the hospital due to respiratory conditions than he spent at home the first year of his life," Byerly said.

The Rental Unit Certificate of Occupancy (RUCO) board 
was stacked with real estate industry schills
whose goal was to eliminate the program

Members of the board were appointed by council members, 
who were, in turn, generously supported in their election campaigns 
by those in the real estate industry who wanted RUCO gone

..."You would expect in a 170 unit apartment complex to get 2 or 3 annual visits for an asthma diagnosis, what we found was there was 30 patients producing 120 visits," Byerly said. "It was 120 times what you would expect statistically so the health system had an 'aha' moment in working with housing people."

The RUCO advisory board met
at the Triad Real Estate and Building Industries Coalition, or TREBIC's headquarters,
led by Marlene Sanford

..."There were individual properties like Avalon Trace where we saw a single property with a spike in admissions," "If we take CDC figures we should have one hospitalization per 1,000 people in Greensboro, but in this apartment complex we were seeing 120 annual visits for the 1 apartment complex so a much higher rate than would be expected" [said] Stephen Sill, Center for Housing and Community Studies Director at UNCG, and Associate Professor of Sociology

Mayor Nancy Vaughan, Justin Outling, Marikay Abuzuaiter, Yvonne Johnson, 
Robbie Perkins, Marlene Sanford and Roy Carroll among others, 
made rentals in Greensboro less safe for profit and power

"We lifted up the blankets in the crib, the crib could have crawled away that was the level of cockroach infestation."

The failure of Greensboro's press and politicians on rental issues

..."When we merge two data sets which are neighbor level and neighborhood housing conditions, we saw hotspots that correlated bad housing and high spikes in asthma cases," Sill said.

He was able to narrow the research down even further.

..."Byerly said there are few real repercussions for bad landlords unless tenants sue in civil court.

Council member Nancy Vaughan had questioned 
whether RUCO might be less costly if it were converted into a complaint-only  process

The City of Greensboro says the apartment complex was never condemned, but 11 individual units were at one point. That number of condemned units has gone down to seven..."

Regulatory capture occurs when a regulatory agency
created to act in the public interest
instead acts in favor of the commercial or special interests
that dominate in the industry or sector it is charged with regulating.

Regulatory capture occurs because groups or individuals
with a high-stakes interest in the outcome of policy or regulatory decisions
can be expected to focus their resources and energies
in attempting to gain the policy outcomes they prefer,
while members of the public, each with only a tiny individual stake in the outcome,
will ignore it altogether.

A captured regulatory agency that serves the interests of its invested patrons
with the power of the government behind it
is often worse than no regulation whatsoever.

I serve on the RUCO Board as a representative of District 3

I’m also on the board of the Triad Apartment Association. 

The apartment association is a member of TREBIC.

Peter Placentino
vice president of property management for Brown Investment Properties
Brown Investment Properties had 2,392 apartment units in 2013

RUCO reduced the number of housing units in the city with code violations 
from more than 1,600 in 2003 to fewer than 700 in 2011,
and decreased overall housing complaints by 77 percent. 

Ms. Dellinger [Koury] moved to eliminate 2% sampling on multifamily property,
seconded by Mr. Sims.

The vote was tied 6-6.

(Ayes: Dellinger, Nelson, Placentino, Chaney, Sims, Perkins.

Nays: Akin, Rotruck, Cannon, Giles, Tuck, Smith.)

The vote died due to lack of a majority."


OCTOBER 14, 2010

Robbie Perkins voted to limit RUCO three times

while saying the opposite in public

Robbie Perkins' NAI Piedmont Triad, a Silver Member of TREBIC,
worked to gut RUCO, while Robbie had a conflict of interest
as the Greensboro City Council Liaison to the RUCO Advisory Board
which NAI funded along with other political contributions by landlords etc..., to eliminate
and the Greensboro News & Record didn't report any of it