Saturday, November 17, 2018

Are City of Greensboro taxpayers and parking deck patrons on the hook for at least $35.1 million not including legal costs, for a parking deck which most of City Council doesn't even know much about, for Kathy Manning, Randall Kaplan, George House and Greg Dillon, who has a contract on the News and Record property?

In December 2017, [Greensboro's] City Council approved spending $30 million for a parking deck on ...that stretched from Market Street over February One Place.

After Council approved $2 million for design etc...
for the same project, so $32 million. is November and the negotiations for the February One Place deck are still at a state where City Manager David Parrish isn’t willing to make a prediction on when they will end.

Are Kathy Manning and Randall Kaplan 
still going to donate all their profits from the venture to charitable purposes
now that she lost the election?

Last April, when the city settled a lawsuit with Rocky Scarfone and other property owners on South Elm Street over an easement for close to $1 million, the reason for settling the lawsuit was said to be because it was holding up construction.

$32 + $1 million = $33 million, not counting legal costs

Now, over six months after that lawsuit was settled, the city is telling a different story...

...the issues with Scarfone have been settled there is no construction because an agreement with the Elm Street Hotel LLC has not been reached...

The News and Record real estate is under contract with Greg Dillon, 
one of Randall Kaplan's partners in the hotel,
so don't count on any quality investigative journalism from what's left
of what used to be our community's paper of record, 
just like the Washington Post shills for Jeff Bezos and Amazon,
as what used to be the Rhino Times is/was Roy Carroll's propaganda outlet 

...the city paid an additional $918,000 to Scarfone and other property owners and made further concessions was not to allow construction to begin but to facilitate the Elm Street Hotel LLC getting its financing in order. They said that having an unsettled lawsuit hanging over the project would make nailing down the financing difficult.

...the city bought the parking lot for over $1.1 million...

...The reason for the lucrative settlement, extremely lucrative when you consider the city valued the easement at $55,000 and had only paid $1.1 million for the parking lot, was because the city said that it couldn’t allow the dispute to hold up construction...

$1.1 million for the parking lot + $33 million, not counting legal costs, = $34.1 million appears that the city is spending taxpayer dollars to aid developers in getting financing for a project that banks were hesitant to finance.

...The city spent $2.1 million for the property including the buildings on East Market Street, then when you include the attorney’s fees for the deal with Scarfone and the other property owners and the second deal with Scarfone and the cost of incidentals like constructing a lift for Scarfone in the parking lot, the total cost of that deal has to be over $1 million.

Another million on top of the $1.1 million Mr. Hammer?

So at least $35.1 million not including legal costs,
which most of City Council doesn't even know much about?; 

...the City Council is evidently not being kept informed of the progress or the potential difficulties. Both Mayor Pro Tem Yvonne Johnson and City Councilmember Marikay Abuzuaiter said they had not been told anything about the project recently and it had not come up in any council discussions.

Our community has been designed for a political and business elite 
which enriches themselves at the expense of everyone else

"News & Record Building To Be Sold To Maryland Developer

Greensboro's News & Record building has found a buyer for its property.

According to the Rhino Times, it's currently under contract with Greg Dillon."

How should Greensboro's residents respond if the City's economic and political leadership
rigged the local economy for themselves and their benefactors
with the help of a compliant News and Record, 
whose property is under contract to one of the partners in the parking deck fiasco?

Probably little to nothing as usual

Kathy Manning's campaign response to the $30 million plus Greensboro taxpayer handout for a luxury hotel project, questions and commentary

Matt Brown, Kathy Manning and Walker Sanders betrayed our community

On December 19, 2017, Greensboro Coliseum Director Matt Brown, the City's highest paid employee, told City Council the Steven Tanger Center for the Performing Arts (STPAC) would be paid for in part by patrons paying $18 a piece for 330 VIP parking spaces 150 times per year.

These folks harmed our City, and soiled what reputation we had 
before purposefully misleading and voting for a fraud.

The same fraud led to securities law violations after the sale of the bonds,
which Greensboro's police department chose not to investigate without explanation.

The same math was sent by Brown to Kathy Manning's Capsule Group email, the same Capsule Group Randall Kaplan owns, and City Council member Tammi Thurm worked for.  Manning was the  Co-Chair of the Development/Marketing Task Force and Chief Fundraiser for the Center, and Walker Sanders, president of The Community Foundation of Greater Greensboro which is charging fees on some of the $20 million in private pledges actually received for the project as of November, 2017, with the rest covered by debt until the rest of the money appears through 2023, while the News and Record and other local news outlets keep reporting all the money has been "raised".

Matt Brown, Kathy Manning, Walker Sanders and the City 
didn't disclose $23,108,494.98 in interest costs for the STPAC
when Greensboro's City Council voted on the debt.

There is no information presented by these players to date showing how the interest on the debt borrowed by Walker Sanders' Community Foundation is to be paid for, other than a guarantee by the Foundation colateralized by the entirety of hundreds of its patrons gifts meant for charity, not a performing arts center for our upper crust.

Manning and Walker Sanders, the president of the Community Foundation,
also announced that they had met their goal
of raising $38.5 million from private donors.

Dawn DeCwikiel-Kane, (336) 373-5204
Financially Illiterate News and Record reporter who lied to her readers
Dec 17, 2016

Manning's husband Randall Kaplan, who served on the STPACs Economic Impact/Feasibility Task Force, may yet profit from the venture with a more than $35 million taxpayer funded parking deck under a new hotel down the street, but somehow it wasn't newsworthy while she ran for congress.

Matt Brown sold City Council on math showing 330 VIP parking spots 
selling out at $18 a piece
for 12 Student Plays or Concerts and 11 Dance Recitals and Talent Competitions 
which are not projected to have ticket fees, 
and then everyone voted for it except Sharon Hightower 
after mayor Nancy Vaughan assured the Council and the public it was a good finance plan.

Our local news industry has been compromised, in this case by a partner in Randall's hotel project.

Our local news industry is in the business of thought, and therefore public behavior control by misleading the public via lies of omission.

Current Greensboro City Council Members and Candidates for local elected office, 
should be prohibited from accepting campaign contributions from board members of organizations,
developers, contractors or their lawyers or agents 
who have or may receive taxpayer funded contracts or monies, 
for 12 months before and after doing business with Greensboro’s government.

An interesting conversation between former NC District Congressional Candidate A.W. Coker, Wayne Abraham and Hartzman on Matt Brown, Nancy Vaughan and friend's fraud against Greensboro's taxpayers

The City expects to sell more parking spaces than vehicles expected to show up for each show,
with none of them parking anywhere else.

Greensboro City Manager Jim Westmoreland's Climax; "In response to your public records request concerning the City of Greensboro legislation which states the City is obligated to provide "off-street parking (both surface lots and parking decks) to meet the needs of downtown businesses" cited by Jim Westmoreland, attached is a copy of the City of Greensboro Code 16-156, Ord. No. 87-50"

The city said it will repay the debt service costs totaling approximately $2,285,000
with parking revenue from the new deck for the hotel. 

It plans to raise monthly parking rates throughout downtown starting Jan. 1, 2019
from $65 a month to $80 or $90 a month.

There will be another smaller increase in 2020.

Margaret Moffett

STPAC VIP Parking Control Fraud Math

According to the City, dated January 26, 2018, 
the total amount expected to be repaid by revenues 
associated with the Steven Tanger Performing Arts Center is $65,987,494.98;

The citizenry was told total 'Public Funding' was $42.879 million;

The costs are unsustainable, and 'they' knew it;

Performing Arts Center: "[Notable]...Task Force Members"

GPAC Development / Marketing Task Force; Kathy Manning, co-chair

GPAC Economic Impact / Feasibility Task Force; Randall Kaplan

GPAC Development / Marketing Task Force; George House, one of Randall's partners

Tammi Thurm's employer's wife Kay Hagan's $2,700 for Kathy Manning, days before Tammi voted Randall and House $30 million for a parking deck, among other Manning donor's exploits

Matt, Kathy and Walker conspired to mislead the public with farcical, unattainable math;

Costs for the entire project will be covered by private donations,
hotel and motel tax revenues, ticket fees and parking revenues
— not taxpayer money, [Matt] Brown said.

Dawn DeCwikiel-Kane

Greensboro City Council member Tammi Thurm's former employer Randall Kaplan's Wife and Congressional Candidate Kathy Manning's Tammi Thurm $1,000 contribution before she voted them a $30 million unneeded parking deck from which they will personally profit

Vaughan repeatedly assured speakers 
that no taxpayer funds would be used to build the decks.

Susan Ladd

Are the parking deck deals for Randall and Roy "Rackets"?

City Council voted to for these projects knowing this information
or should have, and/or willfully ignored data,
violating their fiduciary duties to Greensboro's taxpayers

Proof of Control Fraud by Kathy Manning, City of Greensboro's Matt Brown, CFGG's Walker Sanders and everyone else who knew and didn't say anything, especially the elected officials who voted for it

Some of who enabled and/or committed fraud against Greensboro taxpayers and the investors who purchased STPAC bonds; Greensboro, NC's $44.165 million LOBs, Series 2018, and some records requests

City Council member Tammi Thurm 
voted for Randall Kaplan and Kathy Manning's personal financial interests
and did not recuse herself from the votes

Tammi was;

"Chief Financial Officer and Human Resources Manager, 
Listingbook, LLC 2006–2013
and Chief Financial Officer and Vice President of Operations, 
Capsule Group, LLC 2002–2013", both owned by Randall Kaplan,
where Kathy Manning used a Capsule Group email address
to commit fraud against City taxpayers and the bond investors