Sunday, November 11, 2012

Ed Cone Lies By Ommission

On or before February 1, 2012, Greensboro Mayor, Robbie Perkins was nominated and consented to serve on the Newbridge Bank Board of Directors until the 2013 Annual Meeting of Shareholders. On June 4th, Newbridge Bank assigned the Mayor's home mortgage to a loan servicer for repossession. On June 11, Pressley Ridgill was removed as trustee and replaced by Rogers Townsend & Thomas, PC on behalf of Bayview Loan Servicing, LLC who now holds a note for $1.2 Million Dollars on the Perkins' home.

Pressley Ridgill "has been the Chief Executive Officer of NewBridge BanCorp. since July 1, 2008 and as its President since August 3, 2007. Mr. Ridgill has also been the Chief Executive Officer and President of NewBridge Bank, a subsidiary of NewBridge BanCorp. since February 27, 2007. He served as the Chief Executive Officer at FNB Financial Services Corp. and its subsidiary FNB Southeast Bank (also known as Southeast Regional Banking Organization) since February ..."

On October 19th the Business Journal wrote Greensboro mayor steps down from NewBridge board. I noted on that same day that Mayor Perkins had already been removed from the Newbridge Bank website.

On Monday, October 22, I wrote, Mayor Perkins Forclosure, IRS Problems And Child Molesters.

On Friday, November 9, I posted, Mayor Perkins' House Up For Public Auction and on the following day the Greensboro News & Record confirmed my story when they published, Greensboro mayor owes taxes, faces foreclosure

While over at Ed Cone's blog, Ed deletes my comments so that no one will know the truth and continues to cover for the crooked mayor and the rest of Greensboro's crony capitalists. Why is he doing that? Because he doesn't want Greensboro to know about Robbie Perkins Newbridge Bank Fraud.

But the coverup doesn't have to continue. The more who call Welcome to the Office of the WhistleBlower and tell them about this blog post the faster Mayor Robbie Perkins ends up behind bars.