Saturday, November 1, 2014

UNCG's Paul Mason Digs A Deeper Hole

When we first broke the story UNCG Using Threats And Intimidation Against Employees a full 24 hours ahead of the News & Record we already knew there had long been problems with administrators and certain faculty members abusing staff but prior to having received the e-mail written by 3 former members of assistant vice chancellor Paul Mason's department we were oblivious to what was going on under Mason's reign of terror.

You see, UNCG is a big place filled with lots of wanna be Hitlers and Mussolini's all wanting to establish themselves among Linda Brady's Fascist hierarchy and we can't possibly watch them all. But when's embedded investigator sent me the e-mail I recognized it's importance and made no delay in getting it online for everyone to see.

Still to this day the News & Record has yet to give us credit for the work we've done on this story. And as you can see in the screen grab taken from the comments from this News & Record article
that's a good thing as it helps to prove my point that Jim Goodbody, aka Jimmy Goodbody, is in-fact Paul Mason:

What was the song I linked to? Rolling Stones 19th Nervous Breakdown  You see, the dude really is falling apart considering my previous posts Jim Goodbody: Another Paul Mason Shill? and Jim Goodbody Is Paul Mason only brought this weak explanation:

"You bastard. Thanks to your post, the N&R seems to have blocked my ability to post in the comments section. Then you started accusing me of deleting my posts, which I didn't. I lived and worked in Greensboro for most of my life. (I'm visiting my mom this weekend here) I teach criminal justice at the local community college in addition to my regular job in wild life enforcement. I think I understand the criminal justice system better than you. Since I'm the only one who seems to be willing to stand up for protecting the tax payers and what is right, I get information on a regular basis through messages. I will say without a doubt that I am not Paul Mason. Your headlines remind me of those pop-up adds on Bleacher, "Lose weight like a celebrity with these 5 easy tips." Also, I've been posting to the News and Record comments section since they changed to the Facebook format when the new editor came. (You even proved it with my reaction post to banks cheating people by robosigning) I don't know if Mason even knew where Greensboro was back then. Better scratch that "headline" on your blog thing. Also, I was born in 1969. I'm not sure why Facebook put that date for my work history. I was in college when I worked there"

It's funny Paul... er, I mean Jimmy should mention Bleacher. You see, I have no interests in most sports but I got a tip the other day that Paul Mason spends much of his day commenting on online sports blogs and forums. When he mentioned pop-up adds I searched the word "bleacher" and quickly found the sports blog Bleacher Report. I had no idea where to look until now.

You see, I went fishing and Jim took the bait hook, line and sinker. Does that absolutely prove this shill is in fact Paul Mason? It wouldn't hold up in a court of law but my actions pushed him into a series of very stupid mistakes that he continues to make. Mistakes the SBI will have no trouble uncovering as they follow his digital footprint.

Hey, isn't sitting around the office spending the day on Facebook and online sports forums also stealing company, or in this case, UNCG taxpayers' time? And you wondered what he did shut inside his office for all those months.

Sue me Jim or Paul, whatever you name is. I won't settle out of court, no arbitration and the discovery process should be a blast. You know Paul, my first wife's family used to own the land where your house stands in Oak Ridge. It would piss off her and you if I won it in a law suit.