Sunday, January 4, 2015

News and Record and Carroll Company's John Hammer on City Council shake up

Imaginations started cranking the moment Republican state Sen. Trudy Wade mentioned that she was considering legislation that would change the makeup of the Greensboro City Council.

...Who was behind the idea?

Roy Carroll, Jim Melvin and Koury 

In the absence of a detailed explanation from Wade, folks have come up with their own theories: Political payback. Revenge from business leaders done wrong by council members.

Roy Carroll, Jim Melvin and Koury

A simpler idea seems more likely: Those in charge will use their power to keep themselves — and their friends — in power.

Roy Carroll, 
Jim Melvin, 
and Koury

Or to put it another way: The Republican-led General Assembly redrew Guilford district lines to ensure a Republican majority on the Guilford County Board of Commissioners. And they can do it with the City Council, too.

...Wade...did not return calls for comment last week.

...Wade...said in December that she is studying the idea of shrinking the council size from nine to seven members at the request of business leaders, who she said didn’t want to be named.

...So far, the only business leader who has come forward to talk publicly in favor of the change has been developer Roy Carroll, who was one of Wade’s largest campaign donors last year. 

...Carroll has said that shrinking the board would be one way to get more business-friendly people on it.

...If the council only had seven members, all it would take was four like-minded people, be they Republicans or Democrats, to shift policy.

Eliminating two of the at-large council members — one option up for consideration — would automatically reduce the number of likely Democrats on the board.

...If the city had six or seven council districts, the maps could be carved up in a way that overloads a handful of districts with Democrats, making the remaining districts at least more competitive for Republicans.

The General Assembly used both of those techniques — eliminating at-large seats and clumping together Democrats — when it redrew the county commissioner districts...
The worst decision by the City Council in the past couple of years was finished up this year.  The City Council decided to spend close to $200,000 to build plush new offices, conference rooms, bathrooms and a kitchen for itself...

But the result of the $200,000 renovation is that councilmembers, many of whom have no regular jobs, are up at city hall all the time, making work for the senior staff...

...on the present City Council you have Mayor Nancy Vaughan and Councilmembers Tony Wilkins, Marikay Abuzuaiter, Sharon Hightower, Jamal Fox and Nancy Hoffmann who don’t have regular jobs.

It’s one of the reasons that the state legislature is looking at changing the districts.  The thought is that having more active business people on the City Council would be beneficial.
Roy Carroll, Jim Melvin, Marty Kotis and Koury etc... are working to eliminate Africian American Greensboro City Council votes, via Carroll Company propaganda arm John Hammer, in Carroll Company's owned Rhino Times, which is no longer a news publication, but an Orwellian message conveyance system controlling enough relatively older Greensboro white folks' brains.
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