Monday, February 16, 2015

George Hartzman's prepared remarks from 2/12/2015 on Greensboro redistricting

This appears to be a story of how a small group of oligarch's can just about control a legislative body comprised of ideologically opposite members, via a mayoral veto and gerrymandered districts.

A white, Roy Carroll backed mayor with veto power, not unlike Pat McCrory's strategy in Charlotte, could create an entrenched ruler who can override minority initiatives while passing out everyone else's money in exchange for campaign contributions.

Charlotte Mayoral Veto Stories;

With 3 Republican districts, an item passed by 4 Democrats could be vetoed by 1 Republican mayor which would take 5 votes to override. [and vice, versa, as Charlotte's last mayor is in prison]
District 4 was drawn with Nancy, Nancy, Mike, Zack and Marykay.

District 4's creation appears to not be a coincidence.

I agree that the City Council member concentration issue is problematic, as is, but 26% of those who voted in Greensboro's 2013 election live in the new District 4, leaving 74% of the rest of Greensboro in the remaining 6 Districts.

This obviously concentrates opposing votes into a single district, which makes some other districts more winnable.
The current redistricting plan could reduce minority Greensboro City Council representation by 16%.

Based on 2013's data, which has not been reported by the press yet, the chances of District 7 ending up African American is rather very low, contrary to what Roy Carroll's propaganda outlet has reported.

Roy Carroll is paying John Hammer to act in the best interests of Roy Carroll, to the detriment of Greensboro's black population.

Skip Alston is in Roy Carroll's pocket.

On minority representation, Skip Alston appears to have purposefully misled Greensboro's African American community, again.

Skip Alston has a documented history of not acting in the best interests of East Greensboro, as he tends to act in the best interests of Skip Alston, with John Hammer's help.

Among other disgraceful acts, in 2013, Skip, Roy and John blatantly misled the public to win East Greensboro for Robbie Perkins' when the Civil Rights Museum loan was pushed through.

What does Skip Alston 
The new District 7 had the lowest turnout percentage of voters in 2013, which makes it in play, as it appears to be the most easy to control with the least amount of Roy's money and Hammer's words.

In 2013, 1,511 Whites and 1,622 Blacks voted in District 7, compared to the total of more than 9,000 whites and blacks who voted in District 4, making the proposed map completely lopsided.

Skip, Roy and John Hammer say District 7 it will be minority.

District 7 contains Roy Carroll's Center Pointe and a bunch of new and incoming residents, whose votes aren't counted yet.

$25,000 could sway District 7 to just about anyone Roy wants.

A white democratic candidate backed by the good old boys network would most likely win over a black candidate with 90% less money in District 7.

Roy Carroll, John Hammer and Skip Alston are advocating for a reduction of minority Greensboro City Council seats.
Trudy Wade's District 4 = 26% of those who voted in Greensboro's 2013 election

Registered Voter Percent of Trudy Wade Redistricting Plan Districts Who Voted in 2013

An analysis of who would win, based on who actually voted in 2013 in Trudy Wade's 7 Districts

Hartzman on Greensboro Redistricting from the North Carolina State Legislative Delagation meeting