Sunday, April 19, 2015

Goodbye Mike Barber and Zack Matheny; "Greensboro group pressured to hire new CEO"

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If he gets the DGI job, 
no way in the world should Matheny be on the council as well.

It would be an obvious and blatant conflict of interest.

Allen Johnson

"The interim leader of Downtown Greensboro Inc. said she was given an ultimatum: Hire City Councilman Zack Matheny as the nonprofit group’s next chief executive officer or lose city funding.

DGI interim CEO Cyndy Hayworth said the threat came Tuesday in a telephone call from City Councilman Mike Barber.

“I received a call and was given an ultimatum or a deadline,” Hayworth said in an interview Friday.

“The parameters around that were, ‘If you make a decision on the hiring of a CEO by a certain time, then the City Council would not vote to stop funding to DGI,’ ” she said.

Barber denies making a threat or giving Hayworth an ultimatum.

Mike Barber is a known liar.

More than two local media sources 
have confirmed Mike Barber has a habit
of lying.

...Jason Cannon stepped down as CEO in February. Hayworth became interim CEO shortly thereafter, and Matheny announced he would pursue the job...

Hayworth said Barber called a few hours before Tuesday’s City Council meeting. The council would move to cut the funding for DGI during the meeting if the organization did not commit to hiring Matheny, Hayworth said Barber told her.

The city provides almost all of DGI’s funding, which last year totaled just over $1 million.

...Hayworth said Barber told her during their phone call that if DGI committed to hire Matheny, the council would continue its funding.

...Barber confirmed he made the call to Hayworth — a friend who worked on his last City Council campaign. But he said he never issued an ultimatum.

Mike Barber is a known liar.

“I called a friend to find out where they were in the process and to give her the lay of the land,” he said.

...Barber said he told Hayworth that he didn’t see a need for a long search for a new CEO, that Matheny was qualified for the job and that he could make a good team with her.

But there was no ultimatum, Barber said.

Mike Barber just abused his position as a council member
to advocate for taxpayer monies be allocated 
to a fellow council member
positioned to compete for the same council spot
under Trudy Wade's redistricting plan.

“It was not a quid pro quo by any stretch of the imagination,” he said. “I was just telling her that if the City Council doesn’t see a leader in place and a shared vision, it was likely that they would cut funding.”

Wilkins said Matheny would be good in the DGI job — but the selection process has to proceed without any influence from the City Council.

Too late and wrong.

Matheny violated his oath of office 
by using his political position for personal financial benefit.

...Brame and Hayworth both said they aren’t against Matheny’s candidacy. But his public announcement complicated things, they said...

Also wrong.

Brame and Hayworth should be removed 
from the committee.

Brame should resign his chairmanship.

Hayworth should consider taking a political ethics class.

Without that, Brame and Hayworth said, there won’t be public confidence that the process is fair.

The process has been compromised, 
by the selection committee
which should disband immediately.

Barber doesn’t deny pushing for Matheny’s hiring.

Abuse of office.

He said he has been doing that for weeks, even to other people at DGI.

Abuse of office and political corruption
by a council member who makes money 
from access to City property
via First Tee of the Triad,
which the News and Record and the Rhino Times
continue to refuse to report.

There’s no reason for a drawn-out selection process, Barber said, especially when Matheny is such a strong candidate and the group is without direction.

Barber wants Roy Carroll's boy
to control DGI, 
which makes Barber Roy's boy as well.

...Matheny said he wasn’t part of Barber’s call to Hayworth, but it sounds like a misunderstanding that didn’t need to be played out in the media.

An attempt at prior restraint, which is another abuse of office, 
a violation of the City's charter and a symptom of the disease
that is Greensboro's cause of our dysfunctionality.

Matheny said he’ll continue to pursue the job and hopes the dust-up between Barber and Hayworth won’t affect his candidacy.

Mr. Matheny has no moral compass.

Quite the sign of financial desperation.

“I hope that I’m judged on my own actions, my own words, my qualifications and what I’ve done in the city and for downtown especially,” Matheny said.

I hope so too.

“...we need to concentrate our energy not on arguing but on communicating better and achieving great things,” he said.
From the comments so far;

"If Cyndy Hayworth is " not interested in the job" then why would she go to see Roy Carroll to drum up support, and why would Gary Brame attempt to alter the job's education requirements only to accomodate Hayworth' s lack of degrees or education altogether... many candidates were interviewed bedore Hayworth got her current job..0 is the answer...Dawn Chaney simply told Cannon to hire her...even the board chair at the time did not know anything about Hayworth joining DGI..."

Eric Robert
"Cindy does not lie"

Sal Leone, a man who I have never seen straddle fences
with such gusto.
I believe Zack Matheny, Nancy Vaughan, Nancy Hoffmann, Mike Barber etc... put their own interests in front of the best interests of the City of Greensboro.

Remember when Zack Matheny denied Sam Simpson 
was going to make any money on the Gerbings incentive deal
and the correlating campaign contributions?
On June 11, 2007,
Zack Matheny voted for a rezoning for Carroll Capital Investments, LLC,
represented by Robbie Perkins, for Roy Carroll.

Zack received $1,000 from Mr. Carroll's PAC on 10/30/07.

Mr. Carroll also gave $1,000 checks to Robbie, etc...,
as he garnered about $4 million in tax breaks for Center Point.
At the 9/10/2007 Zoning Commission Meeting,
Zack voted for attorneys Derek Allen's
Henry Issaacson, Charlie Melvin requests,
including a rezoning for Alliance Commercial,
after receiving $2,000 from principals
of Alliance Management on 6/21/2007, and 6/26/07.
Same Crony Capitalism, Different Year, Still Zack Matheny, Nancy Vaughan and Nancy Hoffmann's friends and contributors

Compare Sam Simpson and Zack Matheny's current exploits to; 12/31/13; "Robbie Perkin's 9,000 acres, Project Haystack, "Incentives" and the Rhino Times"

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