Sunday, July 19, 2015

A News and Record Reader's guide to Amazingly One Sided Opinions in the News Section

I am a registered unaffiliated.

What the News and Record is doing seems off the cliff.

Between Joe Killian, Susan Ladd and Allen Johnson,
our paper of record appears to have come off the rails.

It appears Greensboro's News and Record
is now acting in the best interests
of Greensboro's white democratic power players
at the expense of Greensboro's black population.

It appears Greensboro's News and Record
is now acting in the best interests
of Greensboro's black City Council incumbents
at the expense of Greensboro's black population

The new eight district map
is better than the current oligarch controlled
Barber, Johnson and Abuzuaiter at large votes.
Susan Ladd: A voters' guide to political claims
[Susan Ladd, Greensboro News and Record]; "three of the six sitting council members — including two of the four black representatives — will lose their seats because they will be facing each other in the same district."

This is particularly rich in irony when you recall that Wade claimed her original bill would increase minority representation.

"Its redistricting aspects likely violate the Voting Rights Act by packing black voters into two districts."
Alston stands with Wade, bucks state NAACP on City Council bill
N&R; "Greensboro council says HB 263 redistricting is ...racist", which isn't true.

...Some argued ...the changes were ...designed to limit minority representation on the City Council.

[Greensboro At-Large Councilwoman Yvonne Johnson, cited by Joe Killian]; ...“When you look at a map where all four black City Council members are drawn into districts where they have to face each other, it’s not a coincidence,” Johnson said.

Justin Outling was not elected, but appointed.

Zack Matheny is/was a white Republican 
now living in a different district, 
rendering Mrs. Ladd's arguments associated with past, 
current or future racial disparities 
associated with Greensboro's minority makeup 
and incumbent residential locations 
purposefully misleading to her readers.

“It smells of racism to me.”
Joe Killian; "Councilwoman Sharon Hightower, drawn into District 1 with Outling, agreed. “It’s racism, and it’s partisanship,” she said.

The current five-district system 
has two minority-majority districts, 
and in 33 years only one African American, 
City Councilmember Yvonne Johnson, 
has ever been elected at large in Greensboro.

Earl Jones ...said, “The simplistic answer 
to why I’m in favor of the plan 
is that there is more power for black citizens 
under the new system than the old system.  

Four districts out of eight is more than two districts out of eight.

John Hammer

...“In the last 24 hours I’ve heard overwhelmingly from people who want us to pursue all of our legal options,” Vaughan said. “There are very few people who are happy about this.”
Cases of redistricting away from at-large seats increasing minority representation

John Hammer; Some of the background in the lawsuit is interesting.


How Zack Matheny got the taxpayer funded DGI job.

Greensboro Registered Voters by Party, Gender and Race under Greensboro's New Eight Districts

George Hartzman last night on Redistricting and the News and Record's misleading Greensboro's African American community

Mayor Vaughan's Lie To Greensboro Minorities And Liberals

The big money D and R contributors are very interested in keeping the Greensboro's districts just like they are.

From a Facebook thread on Greensboro's redistricting