Sunday, August 30, 2015

Are Council Members Operating A Brothel?

The farther we dig into What Would You Do If You Were Married To A Pimp? the more surprised we become.

When we we decided to look into the front men of the Costa Rican brothel, Darryl McCarroll and Charles T Petrucci, we didn't know what we might find. Details on Darryl McCarroll came easy
but what we learned in our recent Public Information Request to the City of Greensboro concerning the closing of one of Mr McCarroll's Greensboro strip clubs blew us away!!!! 

Click on the hyperlink above to read the entire document or click on the excerpt below to read the excerpt:

Now what does this prove? Nothing. But it does raise some interesting questions. For example:

Randy Reavis, attorney for the defendant, Darryl McCarroll, was wanting $60,000 in legal fees to settle the case. Randy Reavis works for the law firm, Nexsen Pruitt.

Robbie Perkins made the motion to pay the money and settle the case.

Soon thereafter Robbie Perkins left his wife for attorney Christie Myatt of Nexsen-Pruet.

And City Council voted 9-0 to settle out of court. If Robbie is guilty of hiding something then he had lots of help during that closed council session 5 years ago.

Ever wonder how people who apparently have no means of support can lead lives of luxury on $12,000 to $14,000 a year? Yeah, I do too.

And why was City Council so ready and willing to settle out of court after 2 homicides in 3 years
and 115 calls to police in 2 years if "club owner" Darryl McCarroll didn't have something he was holding over the heads of some very highly placed people here in Greensboro?

Darryl McCarroll was no stranger to the Greensboro City Council even before his club, Lost Dimensions Sugar Bares and its problems became known to all. As I demonstrated in O. P. Costa Rica Here We Come,, Darryll had operated Darryl's Bail Bonding in Downtown Greensboro next door to the Carolina Theatre for over a decade. Darryl knew lots of police officers, city and county officals, court officials, judges, city council members and lawyers... including lawyers who served on the Greensboro City Council at one time or another.

To think that Darryl McCarroll didn't know his way around the highest levels of Greensboro government would be to highly under estimate Darryl McCarroll.

We're often told that City Council discusses law suits behind closed doors so that their legal strategy will not be exposed to the other side. Okay, so why didn't they send me the rest of the documents I asked for 5 years after the case has been settled out of court? What are they still hiding? It certainly can't be legal strategy, can it?

And if their strategy was only to settle out of court then why go into closed session?

I'd tell you more but no one is talking. The minutes released to me are everything the City has given me. The actual conversations that took place in that room on that night 5 years ago still remain secret. Even the News & Record wrote of then Greensboro Police Chief Tim Bellamy:

"Bellamy declined to elaborate on the facts he has to support the club’s closure, but said he welcomes the opportunity to make the presentation to the council and discuss making Farragut Street safer.

“We are going to make the best out of this situation,” Bellamy said. “If the people above me don’t want to pursue (the closure) that’s what we’ll do.”

Damn straight I took a screen grab considering the News & Record's history of making archives disappear.

Was GPD covering for them as well? Are Greensboro's elites running strip clubs and brothels at home and abroad with the knowledge of Police and City Council?

Who were they covering for then, who are they covering for now? And do any of them deserve to be reelected to public office while such questions still linger?

And finally, in the interest of getting to the bottom of this and being sure we get the truth without any unnecessary delay I sent the following e-mail on Friday night as I was preparing this article for autopost:


Thanks but I specifically asked for "all minutes, recordings, documents and videos of the Closed session."

I posted my PIRT online same day here via autopost so the public would see it the next day:

It is currently Friday 8:46 PM and I have already posted Monday's autopost, Are Council Members Operating A Brothel? using the info you have provided me thus far.

Please, if you would, ask the appropriate parties to release "....recordings, documents and videos of the Closed session."

If I'm wrong then their doing so will be in City Council's best interest. If I'm right it won't matter, they're already screwed big time.

As I've included Mayor Vaughan in this e-mail I will consider any documents produced after 5:00 PM Monday to have been forged. After all, she's had weeks to see this coming.

If city staff cannot or will not produce the rest of the documents I have asked for by 5:00 PM Monday then the Citizens of Greensboro will be left to draw their own conclusions.

This PIRT request is also included in Monday's autopost.

Several friends and members of the media have been BCCed for my own protection. They also know what I found.

Again, thank you for everything you do.

Out of the frying pan and into the fire? Mayor Nancy Barakat Vaughan, you were on that city council that night, why don't you explain it to us?

Or I can explain it. Remember: you've got until 5:00 PM Monday, August 30, 2015.

In the meantime, I highly recommend you read this entire series beginning with Part 1, Greensboro Women, What Would You Do If You Were Married To A Pimp?  and follow the links back to here while we wait on a response from the Mayor and City Council. 

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