Sunday, November 1, 2015

Guess who owns Jamal Fox? Crony Capitalists in Greensboro Edition

Who wants Greensboro to pay $22 million plus for water and sewer to for Randolph County?

What Greensboro businesses stand to make the most money from a Hornet's D League team?
2015 Pre Election Fox Jamal Friends of Jamal Fox PDF

Kotis, The Koury Clan, DGI, Carroll
Milton Kern, Andy Zimmerman, Eric Robert
George Carr, Shahzad Akbar, Tom Terrell
Gary Brame, a Lomax employee, Shazad Qumar and Melvin etc...


Triad Good Government PAC = Roy Carroll

If Robbie's check from Roy Carroll via the Triad Good Government PAC was written on the 19th, why would he wait until the 25th to report it?

Think the News and Record will report 
the correlations between the Koury Clan contributions
and the secret deal to bring a basketball team in
and an 'economic impact' study 
of how much the Koury Convention Center and Hotel
are going to make on it?

Jamal Fox misleads Guilford County Board of Elections and Greensboro's African American Community

Doesn't Marty own restaurants 
which will profit from patrons 
near the Coliseum Complex?

Marty Kotis angling for more city of Greensboro money, using taxpayer funded Zack Matheny as his lobbyist; "City might help"

Thessa Pickett's uphill climb to win against entrenched City Councilman Jamal Fox

How to purchase City Councilman Jamal Fox, by Marty Kotis among others

The blatant hypocracy of Susan Ladd and Warren Buffett's News and Record

Jamal Fox's amended 2015 mid-year finance report now noting Marty Kotis funded his campaign event

Ginsburg; "So far, there will be no Greensboro City Council primary" and Links

Mash Up; The News and Record's Allen Johnson and Susan Ladd on Trudy Wade's Roy Carroll initiative to lower minority [Democrat] influence on Greensboro's City Council

Crony Journalism Personified; Roy Carroll, John Hammer and Mike Barber