Thursday, December 3, 2015

Greensboro's News and Record fails to disclose ongoing lawsuit involving Earl Jones

As an owner/board member of the Civil Rights Museum property
who is suing the News and Record, 
Earl and friends have legally assaulted Greensboro's establishment
from three different directions, rather simultaneously.

By not disclosing the other suits involving Jones, 
the News and Record has made a tactical error,
which lends credence to the museum's libel suit against the paper
and increases the credibility to contentions against Zack Matheny
and 'friends' who understand what has not been publicly disclosed
involving others who know by far more than has been reported
by a few crooked news outlets
who literally injected him into his current situation
with the consent of the decision makers
which may very well make Earl's case
and rip apart Greensboro's elite power broker's influence.

This is yours Jim Melvin, Koury Clan, Roy Carroll and Marty Kotis etc...

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