Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders are all in on supporting rigged financial markets

"...with investors pulling money out of equity funds (at last check for 17 consecutive weeks) at a pace that suggests a full-on flight to safety, ...[why] are these same markets trading at all time highs?

...Citi's Matt King ...reveals ..."a surge in net global central bank asset purchases to their highest since 2013."


Haven't heard any objections from The Donald lately on this perversion

Bernie and Elizabeth are with Hillary, Barack and Yellen

Win the election at any cost

Lie to the public at any cost

Free market capitalistic democracy is dead

Long live global fascism

When buying and selling are controlled by legislation,
the first thing to be bought and sold are legislators.

P. J. O'Rourke

What should the electorate expect
from leadership dependent on the status quo?

The first truth is that the liberty of a democracy is not safe
if the people tolerate the growth of private power
to a point where it becomes stronger than their democratic state itself

That, in essence, is fascism
ownership of government by an individual
by a group or by any other controlling power

Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Can the wants of a few who know
outweigh the needs of many that don’t until a majority figures it out?

A government which robs Peter to pay Paul,
can always depend on the support of Paul.

George Bernard Shaw

That Donald, Bernie, Elizabeth and Hillary
believe the government should pledge their children’s future income
to prevent the failure of insolvent businesses and/or countries
is evidence they indirectly advocate a political system other than capitalistic democracy

Capitalism without financial failure is not capitalism at all
but a kind of socialism for the rich

James Grant

Can a nonviolent movement
survive against an information censoring violent opponent?

Did some economic and political leaders bail themselves out of mistakes
with trillions of debt and newly created money
handed down to the unaware of following generations?

Did some stabilize financial markets in the short term
to defend political legacies and financial interests
regardless of long term consequences?

The liberties of a people never were, nor ever will be, secure
when the transactions of their rulers may be concealed from them

Patrick Henry

What is a capitalist democracy that subsidizes to eliminate failure?

Why are there only two powerful American political parties?

Has the two party system
reached an unsustainable level of incompetence?

Can the wants of a few who know
outweigh the needs of many that don’t until a majority figures it out?

If candidates raise money for TV and print advertising
are political campaigns indirectly paying the salaries
of those relied on for unbiased analysis?

Why would those controlling information dissemination
want to promote political candidates proposing more regulation
military industry accountability, high income and corporate taxation
campaign finance reform and pharmaceutical advertising restrictions?

If private corporations published balance sheets 
the way the federal government does
their leaders would go to jail

David M Walker
Former United States Comptroller General

If mold continues to multiply after eating half a piece of cheese
what happens when demand exceeds supply?

If we’re the mold and Earth is the cheese
how many need and/or want how much
where is half way, who’s got what’s left, who gets cut off when
who will compete with who for what’s left and how is who most likely to win?
"The Merger of State and Commerce"

"...There are now few truly free markets left within 21st Century Western capitalism.

...The newly-invented powers of the central banks to buy anything, to fund any bailout, can reach into any area of the economy, either to grant large favors or to inflict great pain.

...In one of the Fed’s generous ways the ...bubble has been inflated from a river of counterfeit money and a wet-blanket of [low to artificially imposed inflation adjusted] negative interest rates. 

The QE Forever giveaway ...through buying toxic ...at full price charges on.

...Adam Smith’s Lassie Faire capitalism has become the ancient, barbaric relic in our modern fiat money Western world economy. 

The US has now what is called a “mixed economy” involving many “public-private partnerships” and “professional self-regulation” and “social programs”. These are modern phrases that explain the slow return to feudal ways.

Monopolies of political power or of markets yield huge profits for the few over generations without much. Monopoly power is a distant mirror of feudal nobility. It operates in both the public and the private sector and so often in direct combination with each other. 

...A marketplace chocked with deceit is a fraud itself, the absence of the rule of law.

...Counterfeiting by central banks now affects almost every investment decision. 

...it is little different than the peasants always giving a one-third share of their crops to the royal duke just because the King says so [via currency debasement, which is taxation via inflation without representation].

...The same general form of corruption permeates an increasing number of professions and businesses. 

...The national health-care industry seems to have become almost a single cartel empowered by federal spending. 

...A mix of public and private institutions rule US higher education as a single-minded oligarchy. This cartel is primarily empowered by federal spending in the form of student loans. The younger generations are saddled now with a trillion dollar in debt to repay college tuition and fees that no longer deliver a good job.

...the ultimate overarching rigged system in the US is the effective monopoly by two private political cartels sharing the same basic agenda, the Democratic Party and the Republican Party. ...The success in keeping the “two-party system” in place has had far more to do with the special privileges granted by law to Democratic and Republican candidates than to any good reason for a lack of meaningful political competition.

...Today’s economic model was best summed up by dictator Benito Mussolini in one short sentence: “Fascism … is the perfect merger of power between the corporations and the state”. 

But tyranny also has its life-cycle within the balance between the past and the future. Once the past becomes far too much of a millstone for the future generations to carry any longer, governments fall and debt and servitude recede [via a deflationary spiral of mass defaults of payment commitments, and simultaneous widespread loss of confidence]."

Stephen Merrill
Notice the missing word? 


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Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders are all in on supporting rigged financial markets


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