Tuesday, June 25, 2019

An email by Summerfield Manager Scott Whitacre to Mayor Gail Dunham

Town of Summerfield Manager Scott Whitaker throws Summerfield mayor Gail Dunham under a bus


The cost of a Town of Summerfield records request I didn't ask for, and some related correspondence


Say Yes Guilford, Say Yes to Education and another appointed crony to a local elected board, Winston McGregor who is going to cover Alan Duncan's back on one of the most under-reported frauds in Guilford County's history


Summerfield mayor Gail Dunham conspiring with Todd Rotruck on his residential status and the editor/publisher of the Northwest Observer on Dunham's character, and other records request related communications


Records request of the Town of Summerfield


Remember when Billy Jones won a public records lawsuit against the City of Greensboro; Most in our community don't, as they weren't informed by most of our local press corps