Thursday, December 4, 2014

More Problems For Mayor Vaughan, Councilman Matheny, Rocky Scarfone And Cone Mills

For the last year or more I've been writing about Greensboro's most well known gangster Rocky Scarfone who threatened me but never followed through on his threats after I made his criminal record and mob connections public.

I've also told you of Rocky's connections to Mayor Vaughan, Councilman Matheny, Cone Mills and the rapes going on inside Rocky's clubs. Yesterday and the day before I told you of Rocky's brother-in-law being convicted of Federal charges of trafficking in guns and drugs. All of this is documented through newspaper accounts and criminal records.

So what do I have in store today? Rocky's brother, Carmine Robert Scarfone who served 4 years at the Piedmont Correctional Facility in Catawba County, North Carolina for possession, trafficking and selling cocaine. But that wasn't the end of brother Carmine's adventures.

Little brother Carmine oversees Scarfone family operations in Western North Carolina and Eastern Tennessee as part of Rocky's affiliations with the Philadelphia Crime Family the 5 Families of New York. Greensboro has long been the sort of place where the members of mob famlies could lay low and stay out of sight but thanks to Rocky's insistence on being in the lime light that may soon change. Thanks to Rocky, the future might bring fewer stops in Greensboro for the Mob as they make their way back and forth to Miami.

Now you know why Rocky's sister wanted his legs broken. Too bad her husband Frank hired a Federal agent to do the deed.

In 1985 Felony charges were filed against Carmine. For whatever reason the charges were dropped in 2004.

In 2007 Carmine was hired as the general manager of the International House of Pancakes in Knox County, Tennissee. Who hires someone with Carmine's criminal record to handle tens of thousands of dollars a day? The Mob, that's who. The IHOP Carmine manages is owned by David Reller. If you google David Reller Rocky Scarfone you'll find the following:

(Click on the photo to enlarge)

 In 2012 Carmine was arrested for Breach of trust with fraudulent intent and most recently Carmine was arrested for possession of schedule II drug.

Want to have some fun? Carmine Robert Scarfone associations are listed as Rocco Scarfone, Elizabeth Kirkman and Constance Scarfone. Elizabeth is Rocky's ex wife. Constance is Rocky and Carmine's mother. Frank Joseph Fiore, Rocky and Carmine's brother-in-law who I wrote about yesterday is associated with Brigette Scarfone, Ryan Fiore, Suellyn Godino, Allison Fiore, Antonino Fiore and Maria Fiore. Brigette is Rocky and Carmine's sister. Here's what a very quick Google search for Brigette Scarfone brought up:

"Detectives with the countywide Metropolitan Organized Crime Intelligence Unit also charged Massaro's brother Emil A. Massaro, 45; Fred Massaro's wife, Charise Massaro, 25; her sister, Ann Bridget Scarfone, 36; and Scarfone's boyfriend, Frank J. Fiore, 41. Another suspect is still being sought, said Intelligence Unit Detective John Calabro.

Each is charged with first-degree organized fraud.

With the exception of Fred Massaro, who is being held without bail, the others were placed on pretrial release Friday morning. All were barred from involvement in any other vending machine operation.

Investigators said the investors answered ads in the business opportunity section of newspapers. Paid telemarketers touted the profit potential. Each victim was given the names and phone numbers of references, who said they were successful distributors."

Mother Constance Scarfone had run-ins with the law as well.. As for Fred's wife, Scarfone baby sister, Charise, she ditched Fred and remarried Chad Bryan McDaniel, a Florida real estate broker in 1999 where she has operated several Scarfone shell companies over the years. .And if you google Charise's ex husband Fred Massaro you find:

"Nine alleged members and associates of the Gambino Mafia family have been charged with crimes ranging from racketeering to murdering a stripper and then planning to murder her accused killer. 

All nine were charged with racketeering and some with loansharking, counterfeiting checks and being accessories to murder, U.S. Attorney Guy A. Lewis said Wednesday. 

“This indictment should send a message to organized criminals who are targeting South Florida that they will be prosecuted and punished,” Lewis said."

If you start googling all the names and associations listed above you're going to find lots more felons in the mix-- I simply haven't the time to write about all of them. And every new name will uncover a few more. Could any other family be as vile, mean and corrupt? Perhaps it's time Greensboro, North Carolina sent a message as well. Perhaps it's time we asked why our Mayor Nancy Barakat Vaughan is seen here with Rocky Scarfone in front of the Cone Denim Entertainment Center and why Councilman Zack Matheny arranged the deal to get the naming rights for Cone Mills? Perhaps we need to ask why no one mentioned Rocky Scarfone's name at Tuesday night's City Council discussion on club security when Rocky is the worst offender of all?

Update: Thursday morning. Some more things Greensboro leaders had access to before they got involved with Rocky Scarfone but chose to ignore:

 Intellus Report for Rocky Carmine Scarfone

Frank Fiore Criminal Record

Many of us, myself included, are required criminal background checks before we can be hired for a job but the City of Greensboro is apparently willing to do business with anyone who will pad the pockets of those who run our city no matter how horrid their crimes including the beating death of a patron in Rocky Scarfone's Buckhead Saloon as was confirmed to me by then police Chief Ken Miller.

I have the e-mails to prove what I say,