Friday, January 1, 2016

"In the mid–20th century, fascism actually meant something.

The first truth is that the liberty of a democracy is not safe
if the people tolerate the growth of private power
to a point where it becomes stronger than their democratic state itself

That, in essence, is fascism
ownership of government by an individual
by a group or by any other controlling power

Franklin Delano Roosevelt"

The Old Right journalist John T. Flynn described the governing philosophy as a capricious, power-mongering dictatorship. “First we must note one important difference between Communism and Fascism which becomes clear here,” he wrote. While socialists and communists had a “definite philosophy,” fascists, on the other hand, “improvised as the movement went along.”

Nancy Hoffmann is a crooked, pay to play politician
among others who serve on Greensboro's City Council
including Tony Wilkins and Mike Barber
who stole/steal from other's tax money 
and the News and Record won't report it
because the News and Record is in on it, deep,
and they keep letting it happen
along with John Hammer and Roy Carroll.

Citing Benito Mussolini’s governing style in Italy, Flynn deduced the “essential ingredients of fascism.” They include a government unrestrained by legal limits, a ruling few who make it their job to lead the community to full vitality while enriching themselves and an economy that is overseen by a controlled bureaucracy of pawns who say yes with obedience.

It is difficult to get a man to understand something
when his salary depends on his not understanding it.

Upton Sinclair

Don’t those all sound eerily similar to the gargantuan we call Greensboro today?

Should local economic 'incentive' plans 
rely on those who both those who created and stand to profit 
via retained political power or monetary gain
from the same relatively unknown and lucrative
'incentives' opportunities in the first place?

In his book Fascism Versus Capitalism, Lew Rockwell wrote, “The state, for the fascist, is the instrument by which the people’s common destiny is realized, and in which the potential for greatness is to be found.”

If you choose not to know something,
especially if that something is something you should know,
you are morally blameworthy.

Robert P. Lawry
Director of the Center for Professional Ethics

Most social systems rely on power to keep the citizenry in line.

We happen to live in a constitutional republic that has fascist elements, many of which can be observed right here in Greensboro.

It's hard to have a crooked government without a crooked press corps
at the local paper of record and Roy's Rhino Times

Greensboro and oranges; Don and Nancy Vaughan, STPAC, Joe Killian, Allen Johnson, Walker Sanders, Jeff Gauger, Susan Ladd etc...

North Carolina, Greensboro and Guilford County, only different = Why NC Treasurer Janet Cowell isn't seeking reelection

Most of what local government, school and state employees
have been told by the News and Record about the state's pension plan
has been a lie, and they won't say they are sorry,
because their excuse is they didn't know
as they are mostly financially illiterate 
and stenographers for socialist/fascist fallacies 
regurgitated by 'friendly' political allies
who profit from the contributions of 'supporters'
who profit from overcharging North Carolina's pension system
just like the 'folks' who run Warren Buffett's financial businesses do.

Jeff Gauger, Joe Killian, Susan Ladd etc... did a great job
keeping the status quo in office for Marty Kotis, Jim Melvin
Roy Carroll etc...

Here's to journalists who willfully don't.

Here's to Brian Claery and Eric Ginsburg

Did the founding fathers want the communications industry
to keep an eye on the government for the people
or an eye on the people for the government?

Here's to Roy Carroll's John Hammer

Well done Walker Sanders and gang

Good job Sam Simpson and John Lomax

Enjoy the joy proponents of Say Yes Guilford

Have at it Megasite profiteers

Keep fucking poor renters local slum lords

Long term profits for International Textile Group's Don Vaughan
compliments of a paper of record staffed by stenographers 
more than willing to shill for billionaire Wilbur Ross

Especially Tony Wilkins
as he says he stands for what many on the right think is right
but behaves differently behind closed doors
and behind the City's employee's backs
while Marty Kotis sings his praises

To the few who gave a shit 

To the fascists and thier minions 
who rule and profit from our town's poverty

Corruption of Greensboro's political system
has negatively influenced our region's economic performance
through legislation, budget appropriation and over-taxation
to benefit a few at the expense of many.

After Cyndy Hayworth publicly accused City Council member Mike Barber
of extortion over a job for City Council member Zack Matheny,
and after Greensboro Mayor Nancy Vaughan
unsuccessfully attempted to appoint John Lomax
a Matheny business partner and campaign contributor/crony
to DGI's board before a vote to hire Matheny,
it is my understanding that at the meeting to hire Matheny,
attorney Marsh Prouse suggested DGI wait for a commitment
from Greensboro's City Council and Guilford County
that DGI would be funded before announcing Zack's employment,
making the job dependent upon taxpayer money
for a sitting, elect official who has voted for the funding
of the organization, and serves as City Council's DGI Liaison.

Zack Matheny, Nancy Vaughan and Mike Barber
put their own interests of power, income and reelection
in front of the best interests of City of Greensboro taxpayers,
and the News and Record and the Rhino Times didn't report it.

Mike Barber is a known liar
who tried to extort the DGI job for Zack Matheny
out of Cyndi Hayworth,
after Zack leaked Hayworth's lack of education credentials,
leaving her ineligible for the job
and after Zack helped get Jason Cannon fired to get the same job
and the News and Record and the Rhino Times didn't report it
and endorsed Mike Barber.

Why would some local bloggers who report on some of what most mainstream media won’t, often criticized or ignored by some well-established for-profit news organizations who receive political and business advertising revenues from the local 1% via corporate ad buys and campaign war chests?

Why would some local media criticize policy positions of some, while swapping undisclosed and/or indirect compensation from others interested in non-attributed dissention?

If there are only a few local investigative media outlets, mostly owned by conglomerates with conflicting interests dependent on legislative initiatives for regulatory concerns and commercial advertisers, political campaigns and government for profit, is most “mainstream” information relatively more objective or less?

The delivery of consumers to business
or voters to business owned politicians 
are the objectives of the News and Record and the Rhino Times

Their news stories conceal business correlations to advertisers, 
including political candidates and their financiers

Does freedom of the press include what
the owners of the presses, or advertisers
or Mike Barber and friends object to?

Why would our opinion leaders criticize policy positions of some,
while receiving undisclosed and/or indirect compensation from others
interested in non-attributed dissension like ArtsGreensboro?

For imposing Taxes on us without our Consent

The unanimous Declaration of the thirteen united States of America

Some of Greensboro's politicians
have pacified the electorate with platitudes
while dolling out legislated benefits
to financial 'supporters'.

When buying and selling are controlled by legislation
the first thing to be bought and sold are legislators

P J O'Rourke

Roy Carroll's John Hammer promoted the closing of a street by the city
from which he looks to have pocketed a million or so
of public taxpayer paid for land,
while demeaning other parts of town he doesn't have interests in,
to drive more business to his properties 
instead of the unconnected who own and/or work at others.