Monday, July 8, 2019

How many lawsuits has Cone Health filed against patients over the last five years?

How many lives ruined?

Cone Health CEO Terry Akins made more than $1.7 million in 2017.

"Nonprofit Christian Hospital Suspends Debt Collection Lawsuits Amid Furor Over Suing Its Own Employees"

Cone Health 2017 990;
"Cone's facilities, doctors could be out-of-network for state employees starting Jan. 1 after the health-care system rejects new reimbursement plan

Cone Health said Monday it will not sign a contract for the State Health Plan's new reimbursement program, meaning Cone's facilities and doctors could be out-of-network for state employees starting Jan. 1, 2020.

Cone is the first Triad health-care system to reject the Clear Pricing Project contract championed by state Treasurer Dale Folwell.

Folwell launched in October his attempt to move the SHP to a government pricing model tied to Medicare reimbursement rates, which typically are lower than hospitals currently receive for services.

...Cone reported Nov. 28 that net patient revenue was up 7.7% to $1.78 billion for fiscal 2018, which ended Sept. 30. It reported $110.4 million in "excess revenue," which is akin to profit for a for-profit organization.
Allen Johnson's deafening silence on N.C. Treasurer Folwell's plan to increase transparency and lower healthcare costs

Cone Health is a Racket;

How many families did Cone Health force into bankruptcy last year?

Cone Health's success at stealing from patients and bankrupting families within our local overpriced healthcare monopoly

Our healthcare system is a legal theft racket supported by our nation's media industry

What Warren Buffett's outlets won't report; "Colombia Fears U.S. May Reject Peace Plan To Protect Pharma Profits"

The Healthcare Industry is a legal racket

A few tidbits on Social Security and Medicare and our nation's other "non-discretionary" social spending too many are relying on

Greensboro City Council succumbs to extortion by UnitedHealthcare

America is getting Ripped Off on Healthcare

From Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina to an reader; A 425% increase in health care insurance premium for 2018