Friday, November 20, 2015

Say Yes has a problem; Rhino Times Misinformation on Say Yes to Education; "City Doesn’t Say No to $1 Office Space for SAY YES"

11-19-15 Comic

"There may not be any such thing as a free lunch, but Greensboro city councilmembers and other elected officials in the area are still in the process of determining whether or not there’s a free college tuition-funding program for high school graduates.

If the Rhino Times doesn't bother to ask the right questions
Roy Carroll doesn't have to worry about the answers

...Say Yes was requesting to use office space at the Greensboro Public Library at 219 N. Church St. for six years beginning Jan. 1.  The deal calls for the Say Yes to pay the city $1 a year for the office space.

No mention of Mary Vigue's involvement 
as a City employee and then a Say Yes employee 
after she was tasked with vetting Say Yes.

Say Yes to Education is a program that is just starting up in Guilford County Schools, but one that’s been in place for years in Syracuse, New York.

No mention of multiple terminated Say Yes programs.

Say Yes, which began in 1987 when a wealthy money manager promised about 100 sixth graders in Philadelphia that he would pay their way through college if they graduated from high school, will use funds raised from private citizens and businesses to help pay the tuition at colleges in the North Carolina university system, at state community colleges and at some private schools that partner with Say Yes.

No mention of money Say Yes' money
invested in the "wealthy money manager's" fund
with most of the investments 
located in "South America and the Caribbean".

The program provides students with the “last dollars” needed to reach the total required payment for college tuition.

How so?

How much money has actually been accumulated?

Don't most foundations dole out the promised monies
over a spread of years like TPAC?

...where students have no money or scholarships available to them, Say Yes would pay the entire tuition at a participating school.


How much would that cost
for all the students in Guilford County
relative to how much Say Yes has raised for the initiative?

Mary Vigue wouldn't say at a public meeting,
so how would the Rhino Times know?

Roy Carroll is confirming all tuition is going to be paid?

The Say Yes foundation has said it expects to put $15 million into Guilford County to establish the plan.

From where will the $15 million come,
as Say Yes national won't release their 2013 and 2015 IRS form 990's?

Did anyone confirm where the $15 million would come from?

Did anyone confirm how much money has actually come in?

Most I've talked to say not.

Most I talked to have no idea where the $15 million is coming from.

...Say Yes has assured the county that the program will essentially be nothing but upside.

Nothing but upside
for the managers of the money, 
the 'consultants' hired to spend
what appears to be an outside the normal size portion of it annually
and the managers and the national organization
which lacks transparency,
while those who've endorsed the program
know relatively absolutely nothing 
about how the finances are going to work. 

...Branson said there’s been talk of wraparound services the county will be expected to provide in support of Say Yes, but he added that they don’t know much about those yet, and he said the board didn’t want to get into a position where they are being hit up for a lot of expenses they didn’t sign up for."
I crashed the Say Yes to Education and Say Yes Guilford meeting at Smith High School and passed out fliers asking the following questions;

Say Yes to Education and Say Yes Guilford are saying they are going to cover the last dollar costs between financial aid and total tuition

"Comments have been disabled"; "Greensboro City Council approves grant for Lotus Lounge property"

Two more examples of what the News and Record won't report, as they are knee deep in it in Greensboro

"Our city has never shied away from difficult discussions" Greensboro Mayor Nancy Vaughan

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