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How Duke Energy helped sell the City of Greensboro on the Randolph Megasite project

From: Geib, John C []
Sent: Wednesday, July 23, 2014 1:11 PM
To: Cyndi Dancy (; Dan Lynch (; Dan Gerlach
(; Robin Rhyne (; Dianne Reid
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(; ...Dubel, Kathi K
Cc: Geib, John C

Subject: Invitation for a night at the Hoppers Game


I have the Duke Suite for the Hoppers game on 7/31.

I thought I might try to put together a Mega Site themed gathering.

Sorry for the late notice, but if you have next Thursday evening open and have an interest in some baseball, a warm NC Summer’s eve, and some stadium quality food and drink then let me know and we’ll hook you up. Please let me know if I’ve left anyone off the list. The suite holds 24 so if you’re interested in bringing a “significant other” with you to this gala then let me know and we’ll try to accommodate that as well.


John C. Geib
North Carolina Economic Development
Duke Energy Carolinas | 2200 Fairfax Road | Greensboro, NC 27407
(336-632-3832 | 336-420-3273 | *
From: Dubel, Kathi K To: "Geib, John C"
Subject: RE: Invitation for a night at the Hoppers Game
Date: Wednesday, July 23, 2014 2:28:47 PM

I would love to – and will plan to bring Johnny.

Thanks for inviting me, John.

Kathi Dubel

Manager-Economic Development & Business Support
City of Greensboro
Ofc: 336.373.4579
PO Box 3136, Greensboro, NC 27402-3136
What does regulatory capture look like? Kathi Dubel, Ex-Greensboro Partnership VP, and Denise Turner Roth

"Last year, the Triad Business Journal reported the Greensboro Partnership's Kathi Dubel, who was Vice President for New Business Recruitment at the Partnership's Economic Development Alliance, is now working as the City of Greensboro's economic and small business development manager.

"That's on top of Denise Turner Roth, the Greensboro Partnership's former lobbyist for governmental affairs, acquiring the role of city manager..." [who serves on Action Greensboro's and DGI's boards.]"
Zack Matheny shoving an incentive for his friends and campaign contributors down Greensboro taxpayer's throats
On Zack Matheny's crooked incentive package for his friends in Downtown Greensboro

Zack denied Sam Simpson made any money on the deal.
Did Zack Matheny sell Greensboro taxpayer money to run for congress?
"Davis, Larry" , Rick Lusk ,
Andy Scott
date: Thu, Dec 11, 2014 at 3:42 PM
subject: City of Greensboro Manager Jim Westmoreland Lying to Tony Wilkins and City Council
Please provide all documents and communications including private emails and text messages between Nancy Hoffmann and/or Robbie Perkins to City of Greensboro executives which includes any of the following; "incentive", "Momentum" "Kaplan" "Manning" "James or Jim Budd", "Kern" "House" "Nick Piornack", "Worx", and/or "Rhyne", including Kathi Dubel, Andy Scott, John Shoffner and/or Reggie Delahanty from the beginning of 2013 to the present.
A follow up Westmoreland email to Lomax, Sam Simpson and former Greensboro Partnership Lobbyist, and now City of Greensboro’s Economic and Small Business Development Manager, Kathi Dubel said “please do be very sensitive with your communications on the Downtown Building Improvement Grant Program. This item has not yet been formally shared with nor endorsed by City Council so it’s not yet a done deal (even though we do expect it to be endorsed in January and do believe it’s another good downtown ED support tool).”
In December, 2013, the contract was amended by City staff without formally informing City Council, extending the “Time of Performance 7/31/2013, to 12/31/2013”. The document states “The City contact for all matters including request for payment and reporting under this agreement shall be Kathi Dubel. Dubel, like former City Manager Denise Turner Roth, served as a lobbyist for the Greensboro Partnership before working for the City.
Legal Theft, by Whoever Votes for Greensboro's City Council Agenda Item 34

34. Resolution authorizing a loan of $100,000 to Samet Corporation and authorizing a loan for $100,000 to McConnell Center Partners, LLC to be used for grading of qualified industrial sites.
Nancy Hoffmann Campaign Contributors whom Hoffmann voted taxpayer money/largess for, which Greensboro's press won't report

The Samet family
Taxpayer subsidized wealth; Greensboro, North Carolina

Samet got another $600,000 loan from the City.
And another couple of Samet's for Hoffmann;
See how the Rhino under-reports incentive deals
related to Roy Carroll's friends or Roy,
and scrutinizes deals that compete with Roy and friends?

Remember Samet's $600,000 shovel ready loan advocated by Matheny
and the correlating campaign contributions?

Remember Windsor Development's loan advocated by Matheny
and the correlating campaign contributions?

Should the chair of the City's Economic Development Committee accept campaign contributions from employees of entities receiving money from the city via city council votes advocated and voted on by Zack Matheny?
On October 8, 2007,
Zack voted for a rezoning for Wendover South Associates Limited Partnership.

Derek Allen of Brooks Peirce represented the applicant
whose firm makes a lot of money off Greensboro's taxpayers
who cut Zack a check for $250 on 6/12/07.

Who owns Wendover South?

Why Mega Builders?

Why doesn't any of the minutes from the meetings
identify most of the LLCs getting rezoning
one might ask.

Mike Winstead gave Zack $1,000 on 8/3/07
a little more than two months before.

Mike's partner Joe paid Zack $1,000 on 8/3/07.
On June 11, 2007,
Zack Matheny voted for a rezoning for Carroll Capital Investments, LLC,
represented by Robbie Perkins, for Roy Carroll.

Zack received $1,000 from Mr. Carroll's PAC on 10/30/07.

Mr. Carroll also gave $1,000 checks to Robbie, etc...,
as he garnered about $4 million in tax breaks for Center Point.
At the 9/10/2007 Zoning Commission Meeting,
Zack voted for attorneys Derek Allen's
Henry Issaacson, Charlie Melvin requests,
including a rezoning for Alliance Commercial,
after receiving $2,000 from principals
of Alliance Management on 6/21/2007, and 6/26/07.

ES Melvin cut Zack a check for $250 on 7/30/07.

Derek Allen of Brooks Peirce
that makes a lot of money off Greensboro's taxpayers
cut Zack a check for $250 on 6/12/07.

Charles Melvin Jr. of Smith Moore,
paid $250 on 7/6/2007.

Henry Isaacson paid $100 on 8/3/07,
the same day his son Marc gave $100.

All while Zack voted for these people's stuff
while he worked for taxpayers on the Zoning Commission.
Two more examples of what the News and Record won't report, as they are knee deep in it in Greensboro

The News and Record's Richard Barron on $2.3 million Greensboro taxpayer dollars for Jim Melvin, Sam Simpson, David Powell, Roy Carroll and friends

Piedmont's Triad Partnership's Triad First Capital has disappeared; Jim Melvin, Sam Simpson, David Powell etc...
Nancy Vaughan (D) Pre Election Campaign Finance Report; (R) Marty Kotis - $1,000 and Roy Carroll

Both Roy and Marty got a free street and hundreds of thousands in taxpayer paid for benefits via Nancy Vaughan and the rest of City Council over the last two years, and they want to keep it going.

Marty Kotis, Eric Robert, Joe Bryan, George Carr, Betty Cone, the Koury Clan, Allen Duncan, Windsor Investments, Ross Harris, Cyndy Hayworth, Isaacson, Milton Kern, Jim Melvin, Donna Newton, Jim Phillips, Susan Schwartz, Sam Simpson, Arthur Winstead

Marty Kotis angling for more city of Greensboro money, using taxpayer funded Zack Matheny as his lobbyist; "City might help"

How to purchase City Councilman Jamal Fox, by Marty Kotis among others

The blatant hypocracy of Susan Ladd and Warren Buffett's News and Record

Crony Journalism Personified; Roy Carroll, John Hammer and Mike Barber